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Zimmerman's Research Guide



This entry is organized by topic.

General Information

For questions, try calling the Bermuda National Library (441-295-3104) or the main government switchboard (441-295-5151). See also "Country Information."

Business Information

For information about Bermuda corporate filings, call the Bermuda Registrar of Companies (441-297-7530). To see if a company is or has been licensed to do business in Bermuda, search the eRegistry (free registration required). To get copies of business filings and financial records, use the eRegistry or call a document retrieval service that gets corporate filings from foreign countries.

The Publications section of the Mello, Jones & Martin, Web site includes information on doing business in Bermuda.

See also "Company Information" and "Doing Business in Foreign Countries."

Legal Information

For a discussion of Bermuda legal resources see Finding the Law in Bermuda by Karen Skiffington. Try the Guide to Law Online: Bermuda for links to Bermuda legal sites and other research guides. If you subscribe, look in the Foreign Law Guide to find the names of Bermuda legal treatises and other legal materials. You can check the Bermuda Law Journal for articles on Bermuda Law.

Case Law: Bermuda Law Reports, covering opinions of the Bermuda Supreme Court and Court of Appeal, are available by subscription through Justis (1986-current).

In addition, cases are written up in a newspaper called the Royal Gazette, but only in summary. A few Supreme Court cases are reported in the West Indian Reports, published by Butterworths/LexisNexis (call the University of the West Indies for copies at 246-424-1318 or send someone to make copies at the Library of Congress). A few Court of Appeal cases are reported in the British Guyana Supreme Court Reports of Decisions.

To get information about case retrieval, call the courts at 441-292-1350. The Supreme Court has a "Considered Judgments" book and the Court of Appeal has a "Judgments" book. Full cites have a volume and page. Each case costs a few dollars and can be obtained by mail by writing to the Supreme Court / 113 Front Street / Hamilton, Bermuda HM12. The check should be made payable to the Accountant General.

Alternatively, you can call a lawyer's office in Martindale-Hubbell and see if you can find someone to get the materials for you.

Legislation: Bermuda statutes are published in Bermuda Acts. Bermuda Laws Online posts "Annual" and "Consolidated" public Acts and statutory instruments, as well as the Bermuda Constitution.

The Publications section of the Mello, Jones & Martin web site includes a near-current version of the Companies Act and many other business-related Bermuda laws.

Bermuda laws were codified in the Revised Law of Bermuda Public Acts of the Legislature of the Islands of Bermuda, but the publication was no longer being updated as of 2010.

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