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Zimmerman's Research Guide



You can look up information -- such as the exact title, author, publisher, date of publication, etc. -- using the U.S. Copyright Office's Copyright Office Catalog. Another good source of information is Books in Print (see also the "Books in Print" entry).

The NY Times best-seller list is published in the Book Review section of the paper every Sunday.

Note: To buy books, see "Book Stores" and/or "Used Books."

If you want to look up a book on a particular subject, you can search online library catalogs for major collections, such as Worldcat, the New York Public Library, the Harvard University libraries, the Library of Congress or the British Library. Or search the catalog of a library that has a special collection in that subject area, such as the National Library of Medicine. You could also try Google Books, Hathitrust or general search engines. For reviews, see "Book Reviews."

For information on book sales and book publishing, check out Publisher's Weekly. For questions you can't answer from the print publication or web site, you can call the company at 646-746-6758. Subscribers can get U.S. and international book sales information from Nielsen Entertainment.

Binderies: Book binding companies include Long's-Roullet Bookbinders Inc, Ocker and Trapp and HF Group.

Law Books: See the separate entry for "Legal Treatises."

E-Books: E-books are books in electronic format that are either read either on a screen or printed out on an as-needed basis. Sites posting full-text e-books on the Web include Project Gutenberg, ManyBooks, the and other sites collected by the Internet Public Archives. Amazon sells e-books for their Kindle reader, and Barnes & Noble sells e-books for their Nook reader. The Google eBookstore sells books under copyright and gives away books in the public domain in a format readable on most leading devices. To find a specific e-book for free, try Alex and/or a good search engine.

ISBN Numbers: Published books are generally assigned a unique "International Standard Book Number" (ISBN). The ISBN system is managed by the International ISBN Agency, which operates through national agencies, including the U.S. ISBN Agency.

ISBNs switched from 10 to 13 digits on January 1, 2007. The 10-digit numbers were expanded by adding the prefix "978." The next series will begin with the prefix "979."

For more information about ISBNs, visit the relevant agency Web sites.

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