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Zimmerman's Research Guide


Collective Bargaining

BNA publishes a useful book called Collective Bargaining: Negotiations and Contracts. The book discusses most of the standard contract clauses and provides historical and legal background, comparative wage data and statistics on settlements for U.S. collective bargaining. Other useful treatises include Collective Bargaining Negotiations & Contracts Manual (BNA), Negotiating a Labor Contract: A Management Handbook and How to Cost Your Labor Contract (BNA). All of these BNA books are available on Bloomberg Law and may also be on Westlaw.

BNA's Collective Bargaining Bulletin covers collective bargaining negotiations and summarizes recent collective bargaining agreements. BNA also compiles the Union Membership And Earnings Data Book, which tell you how much union members earn on average in various jobs, metropolitan areas and industries.

Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBAs): Leading sources for finding CBAs include:

(1) The U.S. Department of Labor's Collective Bargaining Agreements File for agreements covering at least 1,000 workers;

(2) The Labor Contracts Database by the Institute of Industrial Relations Library;

(3) BNA's Collective Bargaining: Negotiations and Contracts reprints about a dozen high-profile CBAs;

(4) Bloomberg BNA Research & Custom Services (formerly BNA Plus) has a large collection of CBAs, and they provide good service (703-341-3287 or research@bna.com). The downside is they charge a premium price;

(5) The Bloomberg Law Labor & Employment Center includes a selection of CBAs (subscription only).

(6) The Cornell library's historic collection of Collective Bargaining Agreements, 1958-1974.

(7) The relevant state labor department's web site (e.g., the Washington State Labor Relations Office).

(8) Attached as an Exhibit (a) to a pleading filed with a court in a case involving the employer, or (b) for public companies, attached to an SEC filing.

Canada: The NEGOTECH database provides recent collective bargaining agreements for bargaining units under Federal and provincial jurisdiction.

More Sources: To find more sources for CBAs, see the Catherwood Library's Collective Bargaining, Labor Relations, and Labor Unions page and/or Finding U.S. Collective Bargaining Agreements by Jan Bissett and Margi Heinen.

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