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Zimmerman's Research Guide


Criminal Law

In the U.S. most criminal law is enacted and enforced by the states, so you'll find most U.S. criminal law in the individual states' codified statutes (see "State Statutes").

Federal criminal law resides in the U.S. Code (see "United States Code"), particularly Title 18, which covers Federal Crimes and Criminal Procedure. Title 18 includes the Federal Sentencing Guidelines and the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure (see Federal Procedure Rules).

Anti-Bribery Laws: Some resources I have found useful: FCPA Blog ("The World's Biggest Anti-Corruption Compliance Portal"), the FCPA Professor, Anti-Bribery Law in International Business (a Research Guide by the University of Richmond Law Library), the subscription-only articles on Main Justice (known as "Just Anti-Corruption") and The FCPA Report (a subscription newsletter with a very helpful topical index).

Police Reports: Vehicle accident reports, as well as some crime and incident reports, are available through PoliceReports.US and other commercial vendors. Police reports may also be available through the relevant department's web site (e.g., Toledo), or they may be reported in a local newspaper (e.g., the Daily Chronicle). If nothing else, the department's web site may provide information on how to request a report may be posted on the department's web site (e.g., Philadelphia). Alternatively, you can order Police Reports through Accurint, and they will send a runner to retrieve copies. Or you can contact the department and request the report yourself.

International Criminal Law: For information and resources, see the International Criminal Law page of the ASIL Guide to Electronic Resources for International Law, Comparative Criminal Procedure: A Select Bibliography (GlobaLex, 2007) by Lyonette Louis-Jacques and/or the International Criminal Law: A Selective Resource Guide (LLRX, 2000).

Investigations: Corporate Internal Investigations (Law Journal Press) discusses corporate internal investigations in the U.S. For investigations in other countries, see Corporate Internal Investigations: An International Guide by Lomas and Kramer (Oxford University Press) and Corporate Internal Investigations: Overview of 13 Jurisdictions, published in 2013 by Spehl and Gruetzner (Oxford and Nomi's Verlagsgesellschaft). There are also many law firm memos on this topic.

Plea Agreements and Non-Prosecution Agreements: Professor Brandon Garrett at the University of Virginia School of Law has compiled and posted databases of Federal Organizational Plea Agreements and Federal Organizational Prosecution Agreements, arranged by company, with links to agreements, docket sheets and press releases. Other resources: (a) search PACER or a secondary vendor for agreements filed with a court, (b) review the DOJ website (note: the DOJ search engine is horrible, better to search Google and add "site:http://www.justice.gov/" to your search), (c) search the business news for significant settlements.

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