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Zimmerman's Research Guide


Department of Housing and Urban Development

HUD was created by the Department of Housing and Urban Development Act of 1965 with the lofty mission to provide "a decent, safe, and sanitary home and suitable living environment for every American." The HUD Web site provides extensive information about the organization, its programs and its publications (www.hud.gov). The HUDCLIPS Database posts:

* Primary Federal legal materials, including HUD-related selections from the Federal Register, U.S. Code, Code of Federal Regulations and the Congressional Record;

* HUD's own Legal Opinions, Housing Waivers, and Office of General Counsel Documents; and

* HUD Publications, notably HUD Handbooks, Notices and Letters.

The HUD Handbook: Don't get thrown if someone asks you for "The HUD Handbook." HUD publishes dozens of handbooks, all of which seem to be posted on the Web site.

Decisions: HUD Board of Contract Appeals decisions are available on Westlaw (FGC-HUDBCA), as are Fair Housing Administrative Decisions (FAIRHOUS). HUD debarment decisions are available on Lexis (PUBCON;HUDBAR) back to 1983. HUD informal opinions on RESPA are available in Appendix 2B1 of Federal Regulation of Real Estate and Mortgage Lending by Paul Barron (West Group).

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