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Zimmerman's Research Guide


Document Retrieval Services

United States: Nation-wide document retrieval services include Research Solutions (866-933-4634), WDS (800.728.5201), One Legal (800-938-8815) and Westlaw.CourtEXPRESS (call 877-362-7387 or 800-874-4337 for the former FDR).

There are many document retrieval services that focus on a particular city or state, and they are often less expensive. To locate a local service, check out the Public Record Retriever Network and/or the Rominger Legal Document Retrieval Directory. Or ask a law firm librarian located in the state.

The big players for retrieving Secretary of State business filings (and UCC filings) are CSC (800-221-0770) and CT. Again, there is generally local competition, such as Parcels, Inc. or DCS, which specialize in Delaware corporate filings.

The Courtlink Document Retrieval Service is popular for document retrieval from Federal and state courts. You can call them directly or order through the CT Courtlink docket retrieval system.

Business Law Research (formerly GSI Document Retrieval and Westlaw Business) specializes in document retrieval from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (800-669-1154).

For retrieving books and articles, both Independence Legal Support (240-392-0017 or requests@independencelegalsupport.com) and UDI / Urgent Documents International (docs@udi-usa.com or 510-524-4351) come highly recommended.


For foreign corporate filings, try Perfect Information, CSC (800-221-0770), CSC, CT (800-4284685) and/or Westlaw CourtEXPRESS (800-638-7387).

Document retrieval services working in Canada include Select Document Services Inc. (1-888-498-4500 or info@select-document.com), National Corporate Research, Ltd. (800-221-0102 or Info@NationalCorp.com) and Westlaw CourtEXPRESS (800-638-7387).

Document retrieval services working in the United Kingdom include Perfect Information and Research Solutions (866-933-4634), which retrieves materials from U.K. libraries. Westlaw CourtExpress goes to U.K. courts (877-362-7387).

Note: In some cases, you may be able to get the necessary materials from foreign document delivery services (e.g., laws or reports may be available from foreign law libraries). For sources, see "Document Delivery Services."

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