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Zimmerman's Research Guide


Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

The FDIC has insures bank deposits, regulates banks and manages receiverships. The FDIC Web site posts information about the FDIC, the FDIC's Rules and Regulations, a tremendous amount of banking data and statistics, banking news, information on assets the FDIC has for sale, etc. (www.fdic.gov). For questions not answered on the Web site, call the FDIC's Public Information Center -- or get more numbers from the Contacts page.

Agency Guidance: FDIC Advisory Opinions, Statements of Policy and General Counsel's Opinions are posted on the FDIC Web site (www.fdic.gov) and may also be published in the Federal Register. FDIC Statements of Policy back to 1980 are searchable on Lexis (BANKING;FDICSP). Selected FDIC Advisory Opinions, Letters and Orders are published in CCH's Federal Banking Law Reporter. Westlaw has databases for FDIC Merger Decisions (FFIN-FDICMD), Financial Institution Letters (FFIN-FDICFIL), Enforcement Decisions (FFIN-FDICED), and a combined database for all the available FDIC decisions and letters (FFIN-FDIC).

Bank Sales: The TFDS (formerly SDC) Worldwide Mergers and Acquisitions database provides information about FDIC sales of failed banks. The TFDS database is available on Lexis (COMPNY;SDCMA).

Handbooks and Manuals: The FDIC posts its Compliance Examination Manual, Credit Card Activities Manual, Trust Examination Manual and other useful materials. Some FDIC handbooks and manuals are available on Lexis, including the Compliance Examination Manual (BANKNG;FDICCM) and the Trust Examination Manual (BANKING;FDICTM).

Note: The Formal and Informal Action Procedures Manual ("FIAP Manual") is an internal FDIC publication, not regularly made available to the public. I received a copy in 2009 by filing a FOIA request with the FDIC.

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