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Zimmerman's Research Guide



This entry discusses sources for French:

I. Business Information

You can look up French company registration records (for free) and retrieve filings (for a fee) from Infogreff.

The Union of French Chambers of Commerce and Industry Abroad has been helpful with business information (phone numbers, etc.). Another possible information source is the French Institute library in New York city.

Matthew Bender publishes a guide to Doing Business in France that is available through Lexis (MATBEN;DBFRAN).

Information on French companies is available from Skyminder. See also the entries for "Company Information" and "Doing Business in Foreign Countries."

If you are looking for the corporate counsel of a French company, the term for corporate counsel is, "directeur juridique." Search on that plus the name of the company and your answer may turn up.

II. Legal Materials

Notable sources that can lead you to French legal materials include:

Researching French Law by Stéphane Cottin and Jérôme Rabenou - An overview of the French legal system and French legal materials, with links to French- and English-language Web sites.

French Law on the Internet - The Basics and Free Resources by Emmanuel Barthe.

Legal Research Guide: France by the Library of Congress.

AdmiNet's France page posts extensive links to legal and law-related Web sites, including government offices, legal codes, "Textes Officiels," "Jurisprudence," lawyers, experts, etc.

LegiFrance posts (in French) the French Civil Code, Code of Civil Procedure, Insurance Code, Commercial Code, Penal Code, and Code of Criminal Procedure, summaries of selected Conseil d'Etat decisions, selected key historical laws, legal news, selected Cour de Cassation decisions, plus links to decisions of the Conseil Constitutionnel.

To get copies of French legal materials in the U.S., try calling the law libraries at Louisiana State University (LSU), Columbia Law School, Boalt Express at the Berkeley Law Library, or another library with French materials. NOTE: Most of these sources provide materials in French. To find English translations of French legal materials other than the few mentioned here see "Foreign Laws."

Subscription Services: The Foreign Law Guide (formerly by Reynolds and Flores) discusses the country's primary legal materials and lists the treatises available in various subject areas. RIA's World Wide Tax Law Service on Checkpoint has English translations of French corporate, commercial, tax and other business-related laws.

III. News

Current, free French news is available through Google. French newspaper articles are available on Lexis.

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