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Zimmerman's Research Guide


Georgia (U.S.)

Internet links to Georgia's government agencies, statutes, regulations, cases, etc. are posted by FindLaw and Washlaw. Primary legal materials are also available from Lexis, Westlaw and LOIS. Google Scholar has free cases back to 1950. Supreme and appellate court cases are reported in West's South Eastern Reporter.

To check the status of a pending bill, pull up the bill information through the General Assembly's Legislation page and look in the "Status History" section. For questions, call the Clerks Office of the House of Representatives at (404-656-5015) or the Secretary of the Senate at (404-656-5040).

For questions about Georgia legal materials, copies and/or inter-library loan, call the Georgia State University College of Law Library (404-651-2479) and/or the Emory University Law Library (404-727-6824). For more information on Georgia legal research, see "Researching Georgia Law," 22 Ga. St. U.L. Rev. 381 (Winter 2005).

Legislative History: For information about Georgia legislative history, see Researching the Legislative History of an Enacted Georgia Statute. Georgia does not have reports, and they do not keep bill files. Bill drafts and Bill Histories are posted by the Georgia General Assembly starting with the 2001-2002 session. Bills from 1995-2000 are available on the Legislation Archives page of the Georgia Assembly website. House (back to 1985) and Senate (from 1981 to 2010) Journals are available as part of the Digital Library of Georgia. Additional materials may be available from Georgia Legislative History databases on Westlaw (GA-LH, 2000-present) or Lexis (GA;GALH, 2006-present with limited coverage 2000-2005). Major legislation is discussed in detail in the Peach Sheets, a student-written part of the Georgia State Law Review. Peach Sheet articles appear as issue 1 of each year's volume of the Georgia State University Law Review. They are available back to the first issue (1984) on the website of the Georgia State University College of Law . Otherwise, Peach Sheets articles should be included in the Georgia State Law Review databases on Lexis, Westlaw and HeinOnline.

Docket Sheets and Case Information: Links to county court websites are available from the Administrative Office of the Courts. Dockets for Fulton County Superior Court (ie, Atlanta) are available here.

Jury Instructions: The Council of Superior Court Judges of Georgia write civil and criminal Suggested Pattern Jury Instructions. Current editions are available in HTML and PDF from the Carl Vinson Institute of Government at the University of Georgia (older editions were sold in print). Current editions are also available through Lexis (GA;GAJURY, GA;GAJICV and GA;GAJICR) and Westlaw (GA-JI, GA-JICIV or GA-JICRIM).

News:Lexis has a database of Georgia news articles (REGNWS;GANWS). Georgia legal news is reported in the Fulton County Daily Report, which is available on Lexis (NEWS;FULTON).

Deeds, Liens, UCC financing statements, Plats: All these filings can be searched through the Georgia Superior Court Clerks' Cooperative Authority search system. Registration is required, with a small fee charged to a credit card.

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