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Zimmerman's Research Guide


House of Representatives

The House of Representatives Web site (www.house.gov) posts extensive information about the House and a link to Thomas, which posts bills, Public Laws and other Federal legislative materials. More House-related materials is posted by the Office of the Clerk, including historical information and lists of current House members & committees (e.g., lists of members by state), plus links to members' Web pages.

You can look up a Representative's name by zip code on the House home page. You also get a form that lets you send the Representative an e-mail and, if available, a link to the Representative's Web page.

For questions about House activities, call the main number at 202-224-3121. For procedural quetions, see "Rules of Procedure," below. For questions on materials published by the House of Representative, call the Legislative Resource Center (formerly the House Document Room) at 202-226-5200.

Rules of Conduct: House ethics rules are posted on the website for the House Committee on Ethics (202-225-7103).

Rules of Procedure: The GPO posts the House Rules and Manual, containing "the fundamental source material for parliamentary procedure used in the House of Representatives." The GPO also posts "Precedents of the U.S. House of Representatives" on the FDsys Additional Government Documents page; "Precedents" is comprised of Deschler's Precedents of the United States House of Representatives (covering 1936 to the present) and two older publications that also interpret the House Rules, Cannon's Precedents and Hinds' Precedents of the U.S. House of Representatives (covering 1789 through 1936). See also House Practice: A Guide to the Rules, Precedents and Procedures of the House. For questions, contact the Committee on Rules (202-225-9091) and of the House Parliamentarian's office (202-225-7373). See also the Rules Committee's Rules and Manuals page.

For more about House Rules, see Points of Order: Congressional Rules Governing the Legislative Process by John Cannan, 53(2) Law Library Lights 11 (Winter 2010). Two great tips from John Cannan:

  • Chairman's marks are often posted on the relevant committee's website; and
  • Each party's rules for obtaining committee assignments are generally not available to the public (or even members of the other party).

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