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Zimmerman's Research Guide



For an introduction to the Israeli legal system see A Guide to Legal Research in Israel by Michal Tamir, Legal Research Guide: Israel and/or the Israeli Law Guide by Ruth Levush. For more information on Israeli legal materials, see Esther Snyder's Israel: A Legal Research Guide (published by William S. Hein & Co.) and/or the Guide to Law Online: Israel by the Library of Congress. For more information sources, see "Foreign Laws."

Finding Legal Materials in the U.S.: Reasonably good collections of Israeli legal materials in the U.S. are held in the libraries at the New York University School of Law, Cardozo Law School, and Columbia Law School. All three libraries will provide copies for a fee. NYU and Cardozo traditionally have at least one Hebrew-speaking law librarian.

Subscribers can get selected Israeli court decisions in English from the Israeli Law Reports database in Hein Online.

Legal Materials in Hebrew: Israeli laws and regulations are published officially in The Official Journal ("Rashumot"). You can get copies from The Official Journal from law libraries at the NYU, Cardozo and Columbia. The Journal is cataloged under the titles of its ten parts (Sefer Ha-Hukim, Hatsaot Chok, etc.).

Israeli laws and regs are compiled in two multi-volume sets -- Dinim and Hachakika Bemedinat Yisrael, with the regs following the statutes they interpret. (I think these are the Israeli equivalents to the USCA and USCS, with the CFR thrown in.) You can get copies of Dinim from the law libraries at NYU, Cardozo and Columbia.

As of the 2006, there were three CD-ROMs that have Israeli statutes, regs and cases: PDOR (by the Israeli Bar Association); Takdin; and Dinim Ve-Od. There were also several online databases including Takdinet and Dinime Ve-Od.

Legal Materials in English: Some of Israel's "Basic Laws" and "Laws of Special Interest" are posted in English under the "Laws" tab at the top of Knesset's English Gateway. Insurance, corporate and a selection of other key laws are posted by Levitan, Sharon & Co.. You can find other translated laws through the Internet Law Library, along with several treaties.

Most Israeli laws are published in English in the Laws of the State of Israel, which is available at NYU, Cardozo and Columbia.

The Israeli Supreme Court posts opinions in English. In addition, key opinions of the Israeli Supreme Court are translated and published in Selected Judgments of the Supreme Court. Copies are available from NYU and Cardozo.

There is a BNA Tax Management Portfolio called, Business Operations in Israel (TMP #967) that summarizes the business tax laws, with some attention to laws governing business organizations, investments, trade, licensing and franchising. For more business law resources, see "Doing Business in Foreign Countries."

Company Information: SkyMinder provides reports on Israeli companies.

Document Retrieval & Book Acquisitions: InFocus Research Services is a US/Israeli company that does document retrieval and book acquisitions.

News Sources: The Jerusalem Post and Israel Wire post daily news in English for free. Westlaw has a large number of Jewish newspapers. To find them, search their general news database (possibly limiting journal titles to "forward or Jew!").

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