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Zimmerman's Research Guide


National Labor Relations Board

The NLRB is responsible for administrating the National Labor Relations Act (29 U.S.C. 151 et. seq.), which governs employer-union relations.

The NLRB Web site posts information about the Board, press releases and NLRB rules, regulations, forms, notices, manuals and decisions back to 1996. For questions, call the Public Information office at 202-273-1991.

Advice Memos ("go" and "no-go" memos) from the NLRB's Office of General Council, Division of Advice are posted on the NLRB Web site back to 1996, plus a few going as far back as 1969 (www.nlrb.gov/cases-decisions/advice-memos). They are also published in the NLRB Advice Memorandum Reporter (cited as "AMR") by the Labor Relations Press. The Reporter is searchable on Westlaw back to July 1976 (NLRBG-AMR). Lexis has its own collection going back to April 1976 (LABOR;NLRBGC). Note: "go" memos are also called "charging letters." See also "General Council Memorandum," below.

Decisions: Decisions of the National Labor Relations Board are published in NLRB Decisions. Decisions are searchable and browseable by clicking on the NLRB's Cases & Decisions page and the Case Search. Published decisions are available starting 1936 (Volume 1). Unpublished decisions are available starting 2011.

NLRB decisions are searchable back to 1935 on Lexis (LABOR;NLRB) and Westlaw (FLB-NLRB). You can pull NLRB decisions from Lexis using the format "295 nlrb no 26"; for Westlaw use "295 nlrb 26." You also can Shepardize and/or KeyCite NLRB decisions. Decisions are also searchable in the Labor and Employment Law Resource Center on BNA.com and CCH Intelliconnect, but I am not sure how far back and whether they collection is complete or selective.

Decisions of NLRB Regional Directors are posted on the NLRB website under the pages for that specific regional office. ALJ decisions are posted on the NLRB website back to 1992. For older decisions, call the NLRB.

Decisions of the NLRB General Council's office are available on Lexis (NLRB;BOARD or LABOR;BOARD to search both Decisions and Memorandums) and Westlaw back to 1980 Westlaw (FLB-NLRBGC).

Subject-Matter Index of Decisions: The NLRB posts a topical index of significant NLRB decisions (and related court decisions") back to 1992 called CiteNet ("Classified Index - The Electronic Network"). The Labor and Employment Library on BNA.com provides a more comprehensive index of labor and employment topics that includes NLRB decisions.

Filings: The LRP Report by Labor Research Partners provides daily alerts on new petitions filed with the NLRB as well as new Unfair Labor Practice (CA) cases. Some briefs, applications, docket sheets, etc. are available through the NLRB's Case Search.

General Council Memorandums: NLRB General Council Memos are posted back to 1995 - plus 91-3 and 91-4 (http://www.nlrb.gov/Research/Memos/). They are searchable on Westlaw back to 1980 (FLB-NLRBGC) and, selectively on Lexis back even farther (LABOR;NLRBGC or LABOR;BOARD to search both Memorandums and Decisions). See also "Advice Memos," above.

Operations-Management Memos from the Office of General Council are posted on the NLRB Web site (www.nlrb.gov/Research/Memos/). They may be searchable in the Lexis and/or Westlaw databases discussed above.

If you still can't get what you need, call the NLRB Library (202-273-3720) or another office in the agency. If that doesn't work either, you can file a FOIA request for the materials.

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