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Zimmerman's Research Guide


News - Newspapers & Magazines - Clipping & Monitoring Services

Clipping services review news sources to see when a person, company, product or subject is mentioned. Most of this work is now done by computer. You can set up an Alert on Lexis, a Westclip on Westlaw or a Clip on Factiva to automatically pull new news articles mentioning the name or a person or company, a phrase or any other search you set up from a database with articles from a particular newspaper or magazine - or a larger database with a selection of newspapers, magazines and/or newswires. There are also free monitoring services that search Internet news, such as Google Alerts and Talkwalker and apps such as News360. Other sites let you set up alerts as RSS feeds.

Alternatively, Burrelle's (800-631-1160) monitors almost 2,000 print periodicals and will look for articles that mention a company name, person, subject or other keyword that you need and send you the relevant articles when/if they show up.

Nielsen Buzzmetrics monitors company and product names mentioned in blogs.

Other systems that monitor and provide selected news content include Lexis Publisher, BNA Convergence, Ozmosys and Shift Central. For more, see "How do we make them read?" from the 3 Geeks and a Law Blog (looks in the Comments after the article for even more). For systems that find law firm client alerts, see the "Publications, Blogs, etc." section of the Law Firms entry.

For related entries, search "News" as a Subject.

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