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Zimmerman's Research Guide



The Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) posts statistics, company listings, free real-time Quotes, etc. for commodities.

Quotes for puts and calls on listed stock options and stock index options are published in the "Index/Listed Options" section of The Wall Street Journal and the "Market Watch" section of Barron's.

Historical quotes are available from Market Data Express and OptionsMetrics and Tick Data. You can also get data from Bloomberg for up to one year after the option expires.

CBOE Rule Filings: When the CBOE wants to change its rules, it is required to file the proposed rule change on Form 19B-4 with the SEC. The CBOE posts the proposed filing on its CBOE Rule Filings page in PDF format. These are also available in PDF format on Lexis Securities Mosaic.

The SEC then puts out a Release / Notice of the proposed rule change and solicits comments on the proposal. The Release / Notice is posted on the SEC's CBOE Rulemaking page and published in the Federal Register (see "Federal Register") and with other SEC Releases (see the "Securities and Exchange Commission").

If the SEC approves the rule change, it will issue a Release / Order approving the rule change that is also published in the Federal Register and with other SEC Releases (see the "Securities and Exchange Commission").

The proposed rule filings and the SEC Releases all reference a unique "File Number" in the format: SR-CBOE-[year]-xxx. You can use this number when you search for any of the documents concerning that particular rule change.

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