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Zimmerman's Research Guide


Uniform Commercial Code

The Uniform Commercial Code is reprinted in Lawrence's Anderson on the Uniform Commercial Code (West) and Quinn's Uniform Commercial Code Commentary and Law Digest (West) , with annotations and explanations, and Uniform Laws Annotated (West), with even more annotations. An historical edition is posted free by Cornell Law School. For subscribers, the ALI Library on Hein Online includes the 1962 UCC and UCC Drafts.

The UCC is searchable on Lexis (UCC;UCC) and Westlaw (with other Uniform Laws in the ULA database).

Sections of the UCC can be pulled off Lexis using the format: "UCC 4-102".

State UCC Laws: To see how the UCC was adopted by a specific state, see Uniform Laws Annotated, the CCH Secured Transactions Guide, the "State UCC Variations" volume of the Uniform Commercial Code Reporting Services, the "Local Code Variations" volume of Lawerence's Anderson on the Uniform Commercial Code or the relevant sections of that state's statutes. You can link to free state code postings using the Uniform Commercial Code Locator. An annotated edition of New York's UCC is published as "the Gold Book," (i.e., Commercial Law: 200X Gold Book).

Cases: Case annotations are published after each UCC section in Uniform Law Annotated, and you can Shepardize UCC sections using Shepard's Uniform Commercial Code Citations in print or on Lexis. In addition, UCC-related cases are digested and reported (and indexed) in Clark Boardman Callaghan's Uniform Commercial Code Digest and the companion Uniform Commercial Code Case Digest. Digests of cases from a given state will be included in the UCC section of the state's annotated statutes and the state's West Digest (e.g., New York Digest, Ohio Digest).

UCC-related cases are searchable on Lexis (in the UCC library) and Westlaw (UCC-CS or UCC-CS+, which adds attorney general, comptroller general, county counsel and state comptroller opinions, etc.).

Comment: See "Official Comment," below.

Drafts: Many drafts of UCC Articles are available in the University of Pennsylvania law school library's online online Archives.

Forms: UCC Forms are reprinted and analyzed in the final Uniform Commercial Code volumes of Uniform Laws Annotated.

You can order forms to fill in for all states from Registre, Inc. (763-421-1713).

Filing Rules: Each state's rules for making UCC filings are published in Aspen's The Uniform Commercial Code Filing Guide and explained in Registre's Uniform Commercial Code and Related Procedures. Note: Aspen's Guide is available as a hardcover looseleaf and on Westlaw. Registre's Guide is a 1-volume soft cover.

Otherwise, you can get filing information from the relevant state's Secretary of State (either search their Web site or call them). In addition, subscribers can get filing information from CTAdvantage.com.

Filing Records: Many states post a free database of UCC filing records on their Secretary of State Web sites. Direct links to these databases are posted in Kathy Biehl's ResearchRoundup: Business Filing Databases, BRP Publications or, for subscribers, SearchSystems.net and CT's CTAdvantage. If that doesn't work, you can link to the Secretary of State websites from Coordinated Legal Tech.

Alternatively, records of UCC filings are available for all states on TLO, Lexis (good searching, browsing and printing), Knowx.com and Westlaw (UCC-ALL or choose an individual state).

If you need copies of the actual filings, some of the government databases allow you to pull images online, as does the subscription-based CTAdvantage. Otherwise, your best bet is generally to call a document retrieval service that specializes in UCC filings, such as CT Corp or a competitor.

Automobiles: UCC financing statements related to cars, trucks and other automobiles are sometimes filed with the state's motor vehicle administration.

Mortgages, Deeds of Trust, Mineral Rights, Timber and Fixtures: Financing statements relating to real property are filed with the county where the property is located. In these situations, you search the online land records, if available, or send someone to the individual county Register of Deeds or to get the UCC filings. See the "Land Records" section of the Real Estate for more about online land records.

Official Comment: The Official Comment on the UCC is republished by section in Uniform Laws Annotated and Lawrence's Anderson on the Uniform Commercial Code (both published by West), as well as in the Uniform Commercial Code Reporting Services. You'll also get the Official Comment if you pull a UCC section from Lexis.

Periodicals: Journals that cover UCC issues and new cases include: the UCC Bulletin (West), the Uniform Commercial Code Law Letter (West), and the Uniform Commercial Code Law Journal. The Law Letter has a regular feature called "On the Shelf" that lists significant articles from other publications. See also "Periodicals."

Prefatory Notes: Prefatory Notes to Articles of the UCC are published in the relevant section of Uniform Laws Annotated, after the names of Committee members and before the text of the Article. Prefatory Notes are also available with the Drafts and Final Acts posted the by Penn Law School library.

Questions: The UCC is a joint project of the American Law Institute and the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws . For more information about the UCC, call the ALI (800-253-6397) and/or the National Conference of Commissioners (312-915-0195).

Treatises: Good UCC treatises include Quinn's Uniform Commercial Code Commentary and Law Digest (West) and Uniform Commercial Code (West) by James White and Robert Summers. Also, for Article 9 issues, The Law of Secured Transactions under the Uniform Commercial Code (A.S. Pratt) by Barkley Clark.

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