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Zimmerman's Research Guide


Verdicts and Settlements

The National Association of State Jury Verdict Publishers provides links to most state-wide verdict and settlement reporters.

You can search a broad collection of verdict reporters simultaneously on Lexis (VERDCT;ALLVER or search the database directory for individual states) or Westlaw (JV-ALL or xx-JV for an individual state). Lexis also offers an online treatise called What's It Worth that contains data on personal injury verdicts (2NDARY;WORTH), a database with news stories about verdicts, settlements and judicial decisions (MEGA;MGAVER) and a "Verdict & Settlement Analyzer" designed to tell you how cases similar to yours have turned out in the past. Westlaw has equivalent databases, in cluding a "Case Evaluator" template is designed to expedite Westlaw verdict research.

The Verdict Research Group (formerly JAS publications) publishes verdict and settlement reporters for several states including North and South Carolina, Connecticut, D.C., Georgia, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Ohio, Rhode Island and Virginia. You can search for verdicts through the VRS web site once you register. VRS offers both subscription and pay-as-you-go pricing options.

Jury Verdict Publications produces a line of monthly newsletters reporting verdicts, including Medical Litigation Alert, The National Jury Verdict Review and Analysis, the New England Jury Verdict Review and Analysis, and single-state equivalents for New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Florida. The company offers a free verdict search, with a premium access option, as well as subscriber access, or you can hire JVRA to do an assisted search for you.

Big jury verdicts and settlements are reported in the back of the National Law Journal and in many other legal newspapers and magazines.

Additonal sources for jury verdict and settlement research are listed on Georgetown Law Library's Jury Verdicts & Jury Instructions Research Guide page and the University of Washington's Jury Verdicts, Settlements, Judgments, and Liens page.

Information on state-specific jury verdicts and settlements sources is included in entries for some of the individual states.

If you would like to submit a settlement to Lexis so they can include it in their settlement database, send an email to Provide information as requested below, and email it to: JuryVerdictSubmissions@lexisnexis.com .

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