Release Notes for LAW PreDiscovery
Version 5.7.05 (Release Date: Jun 10, 2010)
New Features  
# Category Description
1 Exports Records for native files that do not have an associated file in LAW can now optionally be included in native exports by selecting the 'Include records without files' option under the 'Include Native Files' setting on the Formats/Documents tab of the Export Utility.
2 Exports Scans for blank and duplicate values on image tags and fields used in the file naming scheme can now be disabled if desired. These options are available in a new Advanced tab in the Export Utility.
3 Exports Text files (or content if embedded) can now optionally be excluded during exports at the record level by selecting the 'Omit text for tagged documents' option on the Text Options configuration dialog of the Export Utility.
4 Imports A character encoding option is now available in the delimited text import. Auto-detection of the selected load file will be performed when a file is selected for import. LAW can auto-detect between Unicode, UTF-8 (requires BOM), and standard ANSI (ISO-8859-1) automatically. If another encoding is used, it must be set manually.
5 OCR Support for the ABBYY FineReader OCR engine is now available. The ABBYY engine includes support for CJK (Asian) languages and PDF/A output. Note: This requires an additional license. Please contact your sales representative for purchase information.
6 Reports New reports were added to the new reporting engine (File -> Administration -> View Reports). The following reports are now available: Deduplication Report, Page Properties (source, size, and color), and a Tally Report (on a selected field).
7 Run Command A new custom command is included to capture the file sizes of text extracted during ED imports. The command will show up as "Capture Text File Sizes" in the Run Command menu.
# Category Description
1 ED Loader dtSearch engine was updated to version 7.64, see for details.
2 ED Loader The file identification engine was updated to version 2.27.
3 Imports The handling of attachments in EDRM imports was modified to force an attachment into the same folder as the parent. EDRM files produced by Encase may place attachments in separate folders than the parent document, which is not permitted in LAW.
4 Reports The new reporting engine can now also be accessed from the external grid display (Tools -> View Reports).
5 Reports The new reporting engine now persists all settings at the case level.
6 Reports The new reporting engine now supports reports based on the current recordset if a grid display is active.
7 Reports The new reporting engine now supports the ability to control the position of a report logo if specified.
Bug Fixes  
# Category Description
1 Deduplication Duplicate documents existing in the same custodian across two cases may end up with a dupstatus of 'G' instead of 'C' during Inter-case Deduplication.
2 Deduplication Using the 'Only test untested records' setting in the Deduplication Utility forces the deduplication of all untested records in the case and ignores selected custodians.
3 ED Loader Browse for Outlook Folder continues to populate folders when <ESC> is pressed. Support for <ESC> key has been removed, the Cancel button can now be used to cancel the loading of the folder structure.
4 ED Loader Contacts that are Distribution Lists in Outlook were being unexpectedly deduped.
5 ED Loader Corrected incorrect file identification on specific text files as a Tape Archive File (*.tar).
6 ED Loader Date/TimeAppStart and Date/TimeAppEnd info is not extracted for calendar items with dates in the future.
7 ED Loader DupStatus value is not set to N for items with empty hashes when deduping during an import.
8 ED Loader Metadata is not extracted from Office 2007 files (i.e. *.docx) if the import is run on a workstation with a 64-bit OS.
9 ED Loader Session Reports are transposing "Partially Exclude" and "Exclude" for the deduplication action on the Deduplication and FileType Exclusion tabs.
10 E-Print "Object variable or with block variable not set (91)" error occurs when e-printing with e-printing and tiff conversion slipsheet options disabled.
11 Exports Concordance Image 5.1 and above is not recognized preventing the creation of the Opticon database during Concordance Direct (DCB) exports.
12 Grid Views An error occurs if attempting to use the spell check feature from the embedded grid on the main form.
13 Imports Files with extended ANSI characters (ASCII > 123) are not parsed correctly during Delimited Text imports.
14 Imports If the "RootFilePath" attribute is specified in the <Root> node of an EDRM load file, the import fails to start and reports the following error, "The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect."
15 Imports IPRO/Opticon imports may import documents into an unexpected folder when hard paths are used.
16 Imports The <Folders> node in an EDRM load file produced by Encase with multiple nested subfolders is incorrectly interpeted during the import, resulting in an incorrect output folder structure in LAW. This may result in a path too long to store that will prevent the import of a document.
17 Licensing Document deletion is permitted via Delete key from main form without an active Scan or QC license.
18 Reports An invalid session database will not refresh the selected sessions value correctly for the Exception Report.
19 Reports Files by Type Summary report does not display a summary count if 'Display Custom Logo' is set to False.
20 Reports Pressing the <ESC> key before a report begins to render will display a blank preview pane.
21 Reports Unable to select reports across report categories when using the keyboard.
22 TIFF/E-Print Field code replacement excludes fields found in text boxes.
23 TIFF/E-Print Field replacement for Excel files does not detect chart-only sheets in workbooks.
Version 5.6.16 (Release Date: Mar 31, 2010)
Bug Fixes  
# Category Description
1 ED Loader Outlook PST output is saved as HTML regardless of output setting (only present in 5.6.15).
2 ED Loader Archives processed increment the "Incomplete" status count in session log (only present in 5.6.15).
Version 5.6.15 (Release Date: Mar 10, 2010)
Bug Fixes  
# Category Description
1 Batch Update Batch update fails if query was specified with 'Retain parent/attachment groups' setting enabled.
2 ED Loader A record is created for archives and the archive is copied into LAW's file system regardless of any archive settings. This behavior was inadvertently changed as of the 5.5.07 release.
3 ED Loader Links to embedded images in HTML e-mails (Outlook) are lost and cause an error during exports if the original filename is Unicode.
4 Grid Views A copy/paste operation in the embedded grid will copy the source data twice.
5 Grid Views If the grid is closed while an edit is in progress LAW closes unexpectedly.
6 User Interface The folder menu is completely disabled unless the Scan, Edit, or Admin license is active in the session.
7 User Interface The CaseMap, TimeMap, TextMap links on TotalLitigator menu link to invalid web page if products are not installed.
Version 5.6.14 (Release Date: Feb 11, 2010)
New Features  
# Category Description
1 Batch Update An "Auto-increment selected text/memo fields" option has been added to the Batch Update dialog in the standalone grid display. When enabled, the values entered for all selected text and memo fields in the Batch Update dialog will increment by one for each document in the grid. The Batch Update feature has also been optimized for improved performance on SQL cases and can now be used to auto-number document sets in a fraction of the time required by the document numbering batch process.
2 Deduplication LAW cases can now be deduplicated against each other using the standalone Inter-Case Deduplication Utility. A link to this utility can be found in the LAW PreDiscovery program group. This tool is intended for use after cases have been populated with documents via ED Loader imports. Documents may be deduplicated globally or on a custodian level using the MD5 or SHA-1 hash values calculated during the import process.
3 ED Loader A "NIST" filter has been added to the ED Loader Settings tab and can be used to filter e-documents based on the collection of SHA-1 hash values published and maintained by the National Institute of Standards and Technology ("NIST").
4 ED Loader An "Export to Excel" function has been added to the File menu and toolbar in the Session Viewer and is used to save all tabs in the Session Viewer to a single Excel file at one time.
5 ED Loader Two new tabs have been added to the Session Viewer: Overview and Settings. The Overview tab contains a number of different totals for the selected session, such as total number of records written and error counts. The Settings tab lists all ED Loader settings and the state of the settings for the selected session.
6 Exports A "Truncate text values that exceed their field size" setting has been added to the Concordance Direct (DCB) export configuration settings. When enabled, records with text values that exceed their field size will still be added, and have any offending text values truncated, with a warning logged. When disabled, records with text values that exceed their field size will not be added and the previous behavior of listing offending fields and their destination field sizes will apply.
7 Folders Folders in the main folder navigation display can now be moved by clicking Folder -> Move and selecting the new location in the browse window.
8 Grid Views Field delimiters can now be specified when saving record data from the grid displays. The Save button or menu item in the grid displays (previously Save All Records and Save Selected Records) will invoke a Save Options dialog to specify the document range (all or selected), output filename, text format, and delimiters.
9 Licensing License keys for LAW now support the use of remote desktop sessions correctly without using hard licenses of the key for every sublicense used. This requires an update to the Sentinel system driver to version 7.5 or later, which is included in the installer and will be automatically installed. NOTE: If the host system with the hardware key does not have LAW installed, the driver will needed to be updated there as well or LAW will not run after installing this update. The driver can be downloaded directly at
10 Reporting Additional functionality has been added to the Full Text Reports dialog in the Query Builder and the reporting capability has been revised. This feature can now be used to report on and execute multiple search requests at once (as opposed to the single request supported via the Query Builder). Document and hit counts are returned the Full Text Reports dialog instead of the standalone grid, eliminating the wait time involved with loading a large number of records into the grid.
11 Reporting New reporting functionality has been added. Four new reports are available for ED-enabled cases: ED Loader Session Report, Exception Report, Files by Type, and Files by Type Summary. These reports are available from the File -> Administration -> View Reports menu. These new reports are intended to supplement the ED Reports available from the grid display. The File by Type reports are similar to the grid-based reports, but additionally contain file size information.
12 Text Indexing A "Text Priority" setting has been added to the text index options (Tools -> Options -> Indexing tab) and can be used to set the priority of the text files used for the full text indexing process. The default priority order is OCR, Printed text, Extracted text.
13 Text Indexing A "Verify Index" function has been added to the "Full Text Index Properties" dialog. This function will validate the full text index for the current case.
14 Text Indexing A new function, Purge Duplicates, can be accessed from the full text index properties (enable text search from query builder, hit options button in text area, hit Index Properties button). This function will scan the text index looking for any documents that are flagged as duplicate in LAW. If any are found, the number will be reported to the user and prompted with a confirmation to remove. Removing duplicates from the text index will improve the efficiency of text searches by eliminating any duplicates from being searched and returned.
15 Text Indexing A new setting has been added to the OCR and TIFF options to allow more control over the text index flag (_FTIndex). The state of the "Reset text index status" setting will control whether documents are re-flagged for full text indexing after OCR or printed text has been added for a document. The default behavior (disabled) is to update the index status whenever new text is added, or modified.
16 Text Indexing An "Ignore duplicate documents during indexing" setting has been added to the text index options (Tools -> Options -> Indexing tab). When enabled, records flagged as duplicates in LAW (DupStatus=G or DupStatus=C) will be omitted from the full text indexing process.
17 Text Search A new function, Tag Text Hits, has been added to the query builder. This function allows tagging of text hits without actually running the text search. This feature is optimized to conserve memory allowing results sets to be tagged that cannot run directly due to memory constraints. This process is multithreaded so it will take advantage of multicore systems distributing the search across multiple cores. NOTES: 1) This function is limited to the text search term only, it does not incorporate database conditions, 2) Available fields for tagging are unlocked, non-system TAG or NUMERIC fields. Selecting a TAG field will tag each record that contains a hit while selecting a NUMERIC field will store the number of hits per document for the term.
# Category Description
1 ED Loader Added support for Date/TimeAppStart and Date/TimeAppEnd metadata fields for Lotus Notes appointment/meeting items.
2 ED Loader ED Loader database reconnection behavior has been extended to cover time-out errors on SQL Server.
3 ED Loader HTML and Text converted from Lotus Notes appointment items will now contain a Start and End time in the header if this data is available and considered valid.
4 ED Loader HTML converted from mail stores is now saved as UTF-8 if the encoding specified in the HTML is explicitly declared as UTF-8. Previous implementations would save the HTML file as UCS-2, potentially resulting in some Western-European characters not rendering correctly without changing the encoding in the web browser.
5 ED Loader LAW will now respect the system's daylight savings setting for timestamps extracted from Outlook e-mails (previously, DST adjustments were universally applied to metadata dates regardless of system setting).
6 ED Loader Text is no longer extracted for records marked as duplicates when using the "Partially Exclude (Log record but do not copy file)" action is selected.
7 ED Loader The case list and case selection panel has been removed from the Session Viewer. The File -> Open command has been modified to allow the selection of a different case or specific session database (job.mdb).
8 ED Loader The custodian assignment can now be modified when the ED Loader is launched in insert mode (Edit -> Insert -> E-Document(s) | E-Document Attachment(s)).
9 Endorse LAW will no longer force JPEG compression on all non-binary (color/greyscale) images during the endorse process. It will attempt to retain the original compression of non-binary images. Supported compressions are: None, Packbits, LZW, and JPEG. If the compression cannot be detected, or is not one of these, JPEG will be used as a default. An INI setting is available to revert to the previous behavior if desired.
10 Exports The contents of the Control List created during exports no longer wraps data in quotes.
11 Exports The specified image tag is now used instead of the ID field in LAW to populate the AttachmentRangeBegin and AttachmentRangeEnd fields in the BlueTrace load file.
12 Imports Support for UCS-2 and UTF-8 Unicode files has been added to the Import Delimited Text feature.
13 Imports When a load file import is initiated, IPRO, Opticon and Summation (@I and @V) volumes are now automatically detected if the image volume is either the folder containing the load file or its parent. If the volume folder cannot be automatically detected, LAW will prompt to select the folder manually, which was the default behavior in previous versions.
Bug Fixes  
# Category Description
1 Batch/Export Initiating batch/export utilities reports an error if a page-level recordset is active in Access cases, or the 'Un-endorsed Images' query is run. This does not affect the operation of these processes, but fails to calculate the document count correctly prior to the process.
2 Case Creation An "invalid authorization specification" error occurs on Windows 7 machines when attempting to create SQL cases. This operating system is now fully supported.
3 Case Properties Modifying the image path of an existing case was causing the "$Image Archive" directory to become invalid.
4 ED Loader A "Type Mismatch" error was occurring when attempting to group by a field in the Incomplete tab in the Session Viewer.
5 ED Loader A run-time error was occurring when viewing tabs or grouping in the Session Viewer in certain situations.
6 ED Loader ED Loader is unable to initiate a new session for loading if the regional date settings are set to 'English (United Kingdom)' or any locale with a short date format of DD/MM instead of MM/DD, and the day of the month is greater than 12.
7 ED Loader Hash values were not being assigned to the "embedded" archive record when using the "Include embedded archives" ED Loader Archive setting.
8 ED Loader Implemented fix for DateAccessed and TimeAccessed being incorrectly mapped by ED Loader to fields DateLastAccessed and TimeLastAccessed in LAW which are not present in the standard Electronic Discovery case template.
9 ED Loader Implemented fix for extracted e-mail body sometimes being truncated from ANSI format PST files (Outlook 97-2002).
10 ED Loader Implemented fix for incorrect From/sender address being extracted from MIME emails with malformed headers or headers that contain the full multi-part MIME message with no sender present in the top-level header (in which case a reply-to address could be extracted).
11 ED Loader Implemented fix for specific e-mails that showed HTML code after processing, caused by soft returns being present in the HTML elements.
12 ED Loader The Conversation index field values for Lotus Notes were not being calculated correctly. The prefixes Re: and Fw: were not being removed from the subject unless they were all CAPS.
13 ED Loader The ED Loader was failing to inventory and process input file paths exceeding 260 characters. It will now copy these files to a temporary directory for processing and log a "Long Path" warning.
14 ED Loader The e-mail bodies in a specific set of Lotus Notes e-mails were not being extracted.
15 ED Loader When an e-mail containing an empty (zero byte) attachment file is imported via ED Loader, and the 'Include attachment hashes in e-mail metadata hash' deduplication setting is enabled, the e-mail and its attachment records will fail to import and the following processing error will be logged, "Error Src: MMailGenerateAttachmentContentHash - Error Desc: No valid hash content".
16 Endorse Endorsing a serialized document containing mixed file types (TIFFs and JPG for example) would force the compression of page one to the rest of the document.
17 Exports Using Concordance 10.03 or later to perform a Concordance Direct (DCB) export causes TEXT fields to appear as gibberish (random Unicode characters).
18 Grid Views After performing View -> Refresh Grid, the first record in the grid was becoming active but did not synchronize with the active document if "Synchronize Image" was enabled.
19 Grid Views The "group row" (row that shows the value and number of records when the grid is grouped) was being included in the selected record or all records count. A fix was also implemented for an error that was occurring while saving the grid to file with a group row selected.
20 Grid Views The legacy ED reports were not respecting the current result set, and would not account for records imported from an EDRM load file. Performance was also enhanced, and a limit was placed on the reports to 3,500 pages. Reports in excess of this would quit rendering due to resource issues and cause all data to that point to be lost. Saving a report over 3,500 pages is still possible if an output of HTML is specified. The page counts reported will now default to the PgCount field, since this should always be the most accurate. If not specified, the EDPages field will be used.
21 Imports Errors updating image links during imports were not being logged, and you could end up with records in LAW with empty image links, or missing random pages. Logging during imports has been improved, and the import process was optimized to improve performance, especially for SQL cases when using the 'Link to source files in place when importing load files' setting (Tools -> Options -> Preferences tab).
22 Imports The PgCount field would display "1" for the last record in a multi-page Opticon load file import when the record contained more than one page. The image viewer would display all pages but only one page record was added to the database.
23 Imports Two copies of the same document were sometimes being added during a load file import with SQL cases if an error occurred logging the record.
24 Index Fields After adding a new index field to a case, the currently loaded document would fail to refresh the index fields tab until the document is manually reloaded.
25 Licensing Specifying languages other than English (i.e. "Chinese (Hong Kong S.A.R.)") in Regional Settings -> Advanced Tab -> "Language for non-Unicode programs" prevents LAW from detecting the license key.
26 Licensing The license key was not being recognized on a machine with the language setting set to Chinese.
27 Licensing Using regional settings that use a system date format of d/m/yyyy (e.g. "English (United Kingdom)") can block LAW from running on machines without Internet access, reporting an "Invalid system time detected" error.
28 Licensing Using regional settings that use a system date format of d/m/yyyy (e.g. "English (United Kingdom)") can cause license keys to fail on certain days of the month, incorrectly reporting an expired subscription date.
29 Management Console The LAW Management Console (LMC) is unable to function correctly if the regional date settings are set to 'English (United Kingdom)' or any locale with a short date format of DD/MM instead of MM/DD, and the day of the month is greater than 12.
30 OCR OCRing a document with existing OCR text that is marked read-only fails to update the text and reports an error of "Error saving text to output file - Path/File access error (75)".
31 Printing Batch printing images to paper fails under certain conditions in non-ED cases in version 5.5.07.
32 Query Builder Non-numeric values could not be specified for Auto-Number fields in the Query Builder.
33 Text Search Text searches that return an extremely large number of document/text hits (~ 300K) may report no results found due to a memory resource issue with the dtSearch engine. A critical error will now be returned in this case. The new feature Tag Text Hits may be used as a workaround if this situation occurs to tag records that match a text search term.
34 Text Search Text searches would fail with a type mismatch or out of memory error when returning a large number of document hits (around 200K or more). This limitation has been improved but not completely resolved and is still under investigation.
35 TIFF Conversion Performing a manual TIFF conversion with the output format set to Serialized and Drop blank pages enabled in the TIFF Output options fails to display in the preview window and fails to import any pages of the document after the first blank page in the document. No errors are displayed or logged when this issue occurs.
36 TIFF Conversion When Multipage is set as the output format while performing a manual TIFF conversion, some Excel files may fail to display the entire document in the preview window and will fail to correctly save the image. This issue occurs if Excel breaks the document up in the spooler as a result of worksheets containing different page layout settings.
37 TIFF/E-Print An "Invalid property value (380)" error was occurring when launching the E-Print dialog when no printers or only the LexisNexis Image Driver was installed. The same error would occur when launching the TIFF Options dialog if no printers were installed.
38 TIFF/E-Print An error was occurring after pressing the Cancel button while adding a new password in the Passwords category.
39 TIFF/E-Print The <Remove> buttons in the Passwords category may display as enabled with an empty password list.
40 TIFF/E-Print The field codes for the "CREATEDATE" and "SAVEDATE" fields in Word documents were not being displayed in the output when using the option to "Show field codes" when printing.
Version 5.5.07 (Release Date: September 2, 2009)
New Features  
# Category Description
1 Batch/Export An option to "Calculate total pages in batch/export dialogs" has been added to Tools > Options > Preferences. This option can be used to disable the calculation of page counts when launching the Batch Process and Export Utility dialogs to avoid delays in cases with a large number of pages. A "Calculate total documents" option has been added to the Select Folders dialog for this purpose as well. The number of folders to be processed will now be displayed when choosing folders from the Select Folders dialog.
2 Create Outlook PST Outlook PST files can now be created (or appended) from LAW for messages in Outlook mail stores, loose Outlook messages (*.msg), and loose RFC-822 (*.eml) messages on disk. The "Create Outlook PST" feature is located in the Tools menu in the standalone grid. Note: When creating a mail store, only top-level messages and loose e-mail items will be added (any attachments will be part of the parent items). Also, the mail stores and any loose messages must be in their original locations from which they were processed by the ED loader or they will not be found.
3 Deduplication A new setting, "Include attachment hashes in e-mail metadata hash", has been added to the ED Loader Deduplication settings. When enabled, e-mail attachment hashes will be included in the hash for e-mail records as opposed to the attachment file name hashes only which is used in previous versions and when this setting is disabled.
4 ED Loader Using the new archive option, "Include Embedded Archive" located in the Archives settings, the ED Loader will now create a record for the archive file itself (in addition to its contents) when an archive attached to another file is encountered.  
5 ED Loader Improved support for digitally signed S/MIME e-mails and introduced support for encrypted S/MIME e-mails.
6 ED Loader A "Preserve X.400 addresses" setting has been added to the E-Mail settings. When enabled, the ED Loader will not convert X.400 addresses to an auto-generated SMTP addresses.
7 Exports A "Link to images and files in current location" setting has been added to the Introspect configuration settings. When enabled, the images and files associated with exported records will not be copied to the export path and the load file will reference the existing files in LAW. Note: When using this setting, images MUST be in multi-page format in the LAW case in order for Introspect to view all pages of the images. Also the IDX load file will always be written to the image path of the case so relative paths to the documents can be used (required by Introspect) and named according to the batch name as configured in the Introspect settings. A shortcut to the load file will be created in the export path referencing the load file in the image directory of the case.
8 Grid Displays A "Doc/Page Totals" setting has been added to the View menu in the standalone grid. When enabled, the total number of documents and pages will be displayed in the lower right corner of the grid for the current record set. This setting also determines whether the document and page totals are displayed in the embedded grid.
9 Grid Displays Three options have been added to the grid displays: "Shrink Column to Window" (shrinks column so the right edge is accessible in the window), "Send Column Left-most" (moves current column to the first position in the grid), and "Send Column Right-most" (moves column to the last, or right-most, position in the grid).
10 Index Fields Four new fields will now be created when a case is ED-enabled: DateAppStart, TimeAppStart, DateAppEnd, and TimeAppEnd. These fields will capture appointment start and end dates/times during ED Loader imports.
11 Log Viewer Records can now be tagged directly from the Log Viewer in LAW. A drop-down list in the viewer will display existing tag fields. The "Tag All Records" and "Tag Selected Records" can then be used to tag desired records within the Log Viewer.
12 Management Console The LAW Management Console ("LMC") will now support the use of more than one instance of SQL Server when managing and configuring distributed batch processing jobs.
13 Printing When batch printing from LAW, the jobs sent to the print spooler will now be named in the format of "LAW Batch 000000" followed by the DocID, BegDoc#, or ID for the document (whichever is found first in that order). Native files will be sent to the spooler with their original file names.
14 Review Lotus Notes and Outlook top-level e-mail messages can now be launched in their native applications by enabling the "Review Parent E-Mails Natively" setting (Open File menu) or by right-clicking the hyperlink above the image viewer and choosing "Open Source E-Mail Natively."
15 Searching Hit highlighting for full text searches has been implemented. The highlighted hits are displayed automatically following a search in a new text pane attached to the standalone grid. The position of the text pane may be changed by selecting Left, Right, or Bottom from the standalone grid View menu.
16 Searching An option to "Include hits by word in search results" has been added to the full text search options. When enabled, a column (ft_HitsByWord) will be included in the grid containing the hit value(s) and the number of hits for each search term. This field is available during the current grid session only. To preserve the hits permanently, use the Persist Text Hits feature located under the Tools menu in the standalone grid. This feature will place text hits into a user-defined memo field, separated by semi-colons. Hit counts are not retained in this field. Unique values will be appended to existing entries each time the feature is used.
17 Separator Pages A "Print separator pages only" setting has been added for the E-Print batch process. When enabled, LAW will print the separator pages for the selected records and will not print the actual documents.
18 Separator Pages A "Show comments field" setting has been added to the Separator Page Options dialog to show or hide the Comments field that may appear on separator pages and placeholders. The text that appears in this Comments field can also be modified by entering desired text in the "Unsupported file type message" text box. These new additions apply only to the Custom template for the TIFF Conversion and E-Print batch processes.
19 Separator Pages Folder-level separator pages may now be included in standard print jobs (Print batch process) by enabling the "Print folder break separator pages" setting in the Batch Print Options dialog.
20 Separator Pages The "Selected Fields" area in the Separator Page Options dialog has been changed to a grid display and now contains a "Display As" column for specifying an alternate display name for fields included on custom separator pages and placeholders.
21 Separator Pages Field names can be hidden on separator pages and placeholders when the field does not contain data for any given document. This behavior can be enabled by selecting the "Do not print field names for blank values" setting in the Separator Page Options dialog.
22 Text Indexing An option to "Reset Fulltext Flags" has been added to the Tools menu in the standalone grid. This option can be used to updated the full text indexing flag for the entire case or just a record set.
23 TIFF Conversion Documents that are converted to TIFF images manually (launching the native from LAW and printing to one of the supported image printers) will now receive a value of "Manual TIFF Conversion" in the PageSource field. Previously, these records would receive a value of "TIFF Conversion", but that value is now reserved for records converted during a batch TIFF Conversion.
24 TIFF Conversion The "Reduce to optimal palette" and "Drop blank pages" settings are now supported when manually converting files to TIFF images in LAW using the LexisNexis Image Driver 5.0. In order to use these settings, be sure they are selected in the Batch Process TIFF Output options prior to launching and converting native files.
25 TIFF/E-Print A new Excel option has been added to "Limit output to <N> pages" when printing. When enabled, LAW will only print the number of pages specified in this field when a file is printed or converted to TIFF with Excel. A warning message will be logged to the ErrorMsg field when the pages are limited as a result of this setting or if the total page count happens to match the value set in the options.
# Category Description
1 ED Loader The ED Loader will remain active when the connection to the SQL database has been lost and a notification will be displayed in the Progress dialog when this loss of connectivity occurs. Processing will resume once the connection is reestablished; otherwise, the process can be manually cancelled by the user.
2 ED Loader The "Filesize" for Lotus Notes e-mail will now match the size of the HTM file created during the import. In previous versions, the size value reported by the Lotus Notes API was being used which was typically larger than the file after the conversion to HTML.
3 ED Loader Soft returns are now removed from the following fields during import: Author, Subject, Title, and ApplicationName.
4 ED Loader Files identified as 1262 (Internet message MIME) with an MHT extension will now be assigned as file type 1910 (MHTML web archive) to prevent conversion to e-mail.
5 File engine An updated version of the file engine is included with this release. After installing the update and launching ED Loader, a prompt will appear to update the file type database.
6 Grid Display Copying and pasting from column to column is now supported in the embedded grid view.
7 Licensing Added license reconnect attempts for the batch, import, and export processes in the event the connection to the license key is dropped due to connectivity or other issues.
8 Numbering Page-level batch numbering process was modified to significantly increase performance for SQL cases.
9 Searching Null values are now returned when utilizing the "Does Not Contain" or "Does Not Equal" operator in a database search. The "Tag (Boolean)" field type was not included in this modification.
10 Searching Full text only searches can now be saved in the Query Builder.
11 Separator Pages The 'Use same fields for all placeholders' option has been renamed to 'Synchronize field settings for all types' and the behavior has changed to include all settings in the fields section.
12 Text Extraction Updated dtSearch engine to version 7.62. Release notes for this version may be viewed here:
13 TIFF Conversion Documents receiving a placeholder due to being "unsupported" for conversion or due to an error occurring will now receive a "P" value in the TiffStatus field. If placeholders were not enabled, these documents would receive the traditional TiffStatus values.
Bug Fixes  
# Category Description
1 Compound Documents Excel files embedded as icon in office 2007 or office 2003 parents have their main window hidden after they are extracted.
2 ED Loader Certain PDF files were failing to import and receiving commit errors referencing 'ClawWriter30.InsertNewIdentity'.
3 ED Loader Files within *.ZIP files containing a folder path greater than 255 characters were failing to import.
4 ED Loader Some embedded files in Word 2007 files (*.docx) will not extract correctly and report a name of 'oleObject2.bin'.
5 ED Loader Certain file types were being identified as "Internet Message" or "XML" file types instead of HTML.
6 ED Loader The last folder in the path was not being created when importing a file list and mirroring the original path. The documents were being placed in the folder one level above the missing folder.
7 ED Loader The "Platforms" section in the File Type Manager was reflecting inaccurate file count totals in the grid. Also applied fixes for issues with the file counts in the Include and Exclude lists.
8 ED Loader Changes were implemented to improve extraction of plain text from a specific problem e-mail.
9 Exports Soft returns (CR or LF only) are now removed from load files to prevent unexpected record breaks.
10 Exports An invalid procedure call error was occurring if the BegDoc# or EndDoc# fields were selected or if no fields at all were selected for the Custom folder naming feature. A message will now appear prior to export if no fields have been chosen and prevent the export from starting.
11 Exports Images stored in serialized format and exported single-page were not receiving the correct image color value (i.e. 1 for binary, 2 for color) in the OLL load file created for TrialDirector.
12 Exports LAW becomes unresponsive and the connection to the license key may be lost when exporting a record with an extremely large number of attachments (i.e. over 20,000 attachments).
13 Exports Unicode text was not being properly retained when exporting printed text and using the single-page text option.
14 Index Fields The EDSource values were not being removed from LAW when all records tied to that source had been deleted from the case.
15 Licensing Checking out the Full Text Indexing license in LAW and then checking it back in will not restore the Index options tab.
16 Reorganize Documents An invalid procedure call error would occur when reorganizing documents with serialized images and text.  
17 Reports Fixed two type-o's in the full text report.  
18 Scanning The Turnover Mode feature was not functioning when the storage schema was set to serialized.
19 Searching Images with a header applied by LAW were returned when running the Query > Un-Endorsed Images query from the standalone grid.
20 Searching Browsing to a Unicode file name when loading full text search terms was not working. Also, Unicode characters included in imported full text search terms were not being retained.
21 Searching Records with a null value in the DupStatus field were not being returned after running a saved filter containing the "Does Not Contain" or "Does Not Equal" operator with DupStatus as the target field.
22 Searching The "Full text search" section in the Query Builder was not being disabled when a saved database filter was applied.
23 Text Indexing The _FTIndex values were not being set for records imported via load file or raw image imports in cases that were not enabled for electronic discovery.
24 TIFF Conversion An error would occur and the image would be dropped for a record if one computer had the record selected in LAW while another computer was attempting to convert that record's image to TIFF (and replace the existing image). LAW will now log an error in this situation stating the file was locked by another process or machine.
25 TIFF Conversion The paper size would not always stick when changing the setting in the image driver settings outside of LAW.
26 TIFF/E-Print Printing a shared Excel workbook with field replacements enabled results in only the first worksheet being printed.
27 TIFF/E-Print In extremely rare case, printing an Excel workbook with comments enabled at end of sheet results in only the first worksheet being printed if the first worksheet does not contain any comments (file specific issue).
28 TIFF/E-Print With Show Comments or Show Revisions enabled in the Word printing options, the printed page(s) or converted image would be shifted down if the file before it had comments or revisions. This issue only occurred with Word 2007.
29 TIFF/E-Print Printing with Internet Explorer 8.0 was extremely slow.
30 TIFF/E-Print The e-mail header will not wrap properly when printing an e-mail saved as HTML if the message contains a long attachment string with no spaces in any of the filenames.
31 TIFF/E-Print Fixed a file-specific issue that caused a "No pages were printed for the specified document" error to occur during the print process.
32 User Interface Pressing the spacebar while the "One Page" view was active would crash the application.
33 User Interface The ability to view records by clicking on them in the document list was sometimes getting lost after attempting to navigate beyond the first or last record in the case, prompting the message stating you are at the first or last document.
Version 5.4.18 (Release Date: May 20, 2009)
Bug Fixes  
# Category Description
1 ED Loader .NET framework detection does not function correctly on some systems, and blocks ED Loader from starting.
2 ED Loader If the ED Loader has not responded for 5 minutes, a new warning message will appear every second until all have been closed or LAW crashes.
3 ED Loader Summary reports show a demo message at the bottom of the page.
4 Endorse Endorsing 8-bit grayscale images fails.
5 Export Export initialization fails and causes LAW to crash if the number of duplicates detected exceeds 32,767.
6 Export Concordance Direct export to an existing DCB file fails to add records if any of the target fields are not large enough for the incoming data and logs an error of 'Unable to update field from file data'. Such records will still fail to be added, but field level errors are now logged to identify the offending fields, their actual size, and the size of the incoming data.
7 Export Concordance Direct export freezes if Concordance crashes and requires user intervention to close the error message from Concordance or Windows. Upon closure of crash dialog, all remaining records in the export fail. LAW will now close all such dialogs and automatically reconnect to Concordance to resume the export without any loss of data.
8 Imaging The Replace Image from existing file function loses the link to the selected image if it does not have a TIF extension.
9 Licensing Demo licenses do not allow scan functionality.
10 Licensing New case functionality is not available if the Admin license was acquired during the active session before the first case is opened.
11 Printing Removing all fields from separator page setup for standard image printing results in no separator page being printed.
Version 5.4.13 (Release Date: April 24, 2009)
New Features  
# Category Description
1 Compound Documents Extraction of embedded files is now supported for Office 2007 files.
2 Compound Documents Extraction of attachments/embedded files is now supported for PDF files.
3 Document Numbering A new option, "Allow page level numbering to span across sections", has been added to the Numbering tab in Tools>Options. When this sub-option of "Use rolling numeric sections" is disabled, LAW will not allow the page-level section of a number to span across one or more sections. Please see the Coding>Numbering Documents/Pages Help topic for more information.
4 Exports Login information can be specified when exporting to a secure Concordance database. The "Security" button is located in the Concordance Direct DCB configuration options in the Export Utility and is used to enter a user name and password. This feature will be disabled if the version of Concordance installed does not support this feature (i.e. version 7.3).
5 Exports An "Allow Unicode data" setting has been added to the Concordance export configuration settings. This setting will create Unicode load files that can only be loaded correctly with Concordance 10. Support for version 10 of Concordance has also been applied to the Concordance Direct DCB export. In order to create a version 10 database when multiple versions of Concordance are installed, enable the new option "Create Concordance 10.0 database" in the export configuration settings. Note: This setting will only be available if Concordance 10 is installed.
6 Exports An INI setting is now available to allow users to change the @MEDIA Summation token value from the default "Attachment" to "eMail" for e-mails attached to e-mails. See the Exporting > Format-Specific Settings > Summation Help topic for more information.
7 Exports An error counter and error details grid have been added to the Export Utility status dialog. Errors can now be viewed during the export process instead of waiting until completing and viewing the log.
8 Folders Expand and Collapse commands have been added to the Folder menu.
9 Index Fields The ED Loader will now extract the "last accessed" date and time for documents and store the results in the DateAccessed and TimeAccessed fields. These two fields are automatically created in new ED cases, but must be manually created in existing cases if these fields are required. Note: This timestamp is updated in Windows with most operations (ie. dragging a file into ED loader source list, viewing file properties, etc.), so it is generally useless UNLESS the use of this field by the Windows shell is disabled. A registry script (DisableLastAccessUpdate.reg) is included in the application path that will disable updates to this field by Windows (requires reboot after running) and should be run prior to running any new ED sessions if this metadata is required.
10 Licensing LAW license modules may now be released or acquired from the Help > About > Licenses form, eliminating the need to first close LAW, launch the Profile Manager, and re-select licenses.
11 Management Console A Licenses node has been added to the LAW Management Console ("LMC") to allow tracking of license usage for machines connected to the same SQL Server and the LMC. All attached LAW server keys will be displayed along with license details including total licenses, available licenses, licenses in use, and machine and user names using those licenses.
12 Printing A "Reveal Hidden Text" option has been added to the Word options. When enabled, this feature will reveal text in the output TIFF or hard copy that is not otherwise visible due to the text matching the background color (i.e., white text on a white background) or text matching the highlight color in the source document.
13 Profiles The location for global profiles, currently the \Law50\Shared folder, may be changed by entering a new path on the Preferences tab in Tools>Options. This preference is labeled "Global storage path for index field profiles, grid views, and saved filters."
14 Run Command A new run command, "Populate RecordType Values", is included in the Commands folder and can be executed from Tools>Run Command. This command can be used to populate an existing field in an ED-enabled LAW case with values to indicate the type of record, such as E-MAIL or E-DOC. These values will match the values used for the <RecordType> field available only in the Export Utility, so running this command is only necessary if you wish to have the field populated in the case for reasons other than exporting.
15 Run Command A new run command, "Text Path Extractor", is included in the Commands folder and can be executed from Tools>Run Command. This command can be used to populate an existing field in an ED-enabled LAW case with the path to the active text file (extracted, printed, or OCR), as specified in the utility. This command can be used in conjunction with Equivio to offer near duplicate detection in a LAW case.
16 Separator Pages A "Separator Page Options" dialog has been added for the E-Print and Print processes and contains field selection and other options to customize separator pages. This feature is also available in the batch TIFF Conversion options to allow custom placeholders for excluded/unsupported documents and documents that received an error during the conversion. Please see the Help file topic Batch Processing > Separator Pages for information on this feature.
17 Separator Pages A "Print separator pages only" setting has been added for the Print batch process (standard image print only). When enabled, LAW will print the separator pages for the selected records and will not print the actual documents.
18 Text Indexing The indexing process can now be run in the background, referred to as auto-index mode. When running the indexer in this mode, the indexer will continue to poll the database for new documents to index until it is cancelled. This allows you to index documents during the import process, so that when an ED loader session is complete, the documents are indexed and ready to be searched. Auto-index mode can be enabled on the new index options tab.
19 Text Indexing An "Indexing" tab has been added to Tools > Options and contains a number of options for handling of words and punctuation during the full text indexing process. 
# Category Description
1 Administration SQL connection retry was added to account for dropped connections that may occur when deleting a large number of records.
2 ED Loader Outlook "out of office" replies will now be saved as HTML files instead of MSG if the e-mail output format is set to HTML in the ED Loader e-mail settings.
3 ED Loader Metadata extraction for PDF files has been optimized to increase speed and extract certain types of encrypted metadata that were previously not supported.
4 ED Loader LAW's main interface is now hidden when the ED Loader is launched.
5 Exports The default delimiters, when launching LAW for the first time on a machine, for Concordance exports are now set to  the Concordance default delimiters rather than the comma (,) and quote (") characters.
6 Exports Records exported to a path or with a file name that exceeds 255 characters will be placed in an $Invalid_Paths folder in the root of the volume folder.
7 Exports The "Create as new database" and "Append to existing database" options have been removed from the Concordance Direct (DCB) configuration settings as they are redundant. LAW will create as new if the export path does not contain an existing DCB and will append if the export path does contain an existing DCB.
8 Exports The BlueTrace export format now uses the DocID field values for the ControlBegin and ControlEnd values.
9 Imports Both single-page and multi-page image files imported into LAW via load file will be stored in <case root>\$Image Archive. This applies to all load file imports except Z-Print.
10 Page Count Extraction Accuracy on PDF page count summaries has been improved.
11 Printing Improved performance when printing electronic documents using Microsoft Word (all versions).
12 Text Indexing The full text indexing process has been modified to greatly enhance speed and stability.
13 Text Indexing Obsolete document detection and compression have been added for the full text dictionary. When documents are deleted from the index, or re-indexed, obsolete documents remain in the index until the index is compressed. These documents do not come back in searches but do remain in the full text dictionary. When obsolete documents are detected, a banner will appear in the full text dictionary to notify and provide a compress option.
14 Text Indexing The full text indexing process is now supported for all case types (no longer limited to ED cases).
15 TIFF Conversion PageColor is now populated automatically for images affected by the "Treat native TIFF images as image for record" setting. The Update Page Data was needed previously in order to populate the field for these types of records.
16 Watermarks Watermarks applied during the endorse and print processes now support non-binary images without loss of content when applied to B&W images.
Bug Fixes  
# Category Description
1 Case Templates EDD lookup fields (i.e. Custodian) were causing an error when saved to a case template and then applied in a different case. These field types are now ignored when apply a user-defined case template.
2 Compound Documents Implemented fix to correctly extract PDF documents from PowerPoint documents when PDF documents are not embedded as an "OLE Package."
3 Document Numbering Numbering at page level using the &[<field name>] notation was incurring a significant delay when processing large documents.
4 ED Loader E-mails with Unix-style line breaks (LF only) in the message header may cause additional data on the end of the sender address.
5 ED Loader Implemented fix for SQL deadlocks occurring when loading documents with deduplication enabled.
6 ED Loader Outlook mail stores with Unicode in the file name were receiving processing errors and failing to import.
7 ED Loader The _PS_OLEX system field was not being populated correctly for the parent records.
8 ED Loader When "Treat archive items as attachments" is disabled, and an e-mail with attachments was encountered in the ZIP, all subsequent records in that archive would get imported as attachments to the initial e-mail.
9 Exports Letters in the image key of Opticon files (*.OPT) created by LAW were sometimes forced to upper-case. LAW will now match the case used in LAW.
10 Exports Printed text would not export if attempting to export text only ("Include Full Text" option is the only selected in the Formats/Documents tab).
11 Exports The @PSTFile and @StoreID Summation DII tokens would appearing in the DII at the same time if both were selected. The @PSTFile will now take precedence if both are selected. According to the load file specifications, both token should not appear in the same DII file.
12 Imports For XML load file imports, Boolean fields now have their input values of "true", "false", "0", or "1" translated to "Y" or "N" so they are mapped correctly for text fields that may be limited to 1 character. 
13 Imports The page-level Header and Footer field values were not being imported when importing a LAW case into another LAW case.
14 Imports When importing XML load files, the OCRStatus field was not getting a value of "P" when the incoming image has associated text.
15 Management Console Implemented fix for client-to-client messaging (screenshots and Leave Job requests) in LAW Management Console failing on SQL Server 2000
16 OCR OCR for electronic documents that are converted to TIFF does not get moved with the document during move operations. 
17 Reorganize Documents The Reorganize Documents process was failing with "can't open file" errors when single-page images stored in $Image Archive were encountered. These errors were only occurring in cases that were not enabled for electronic discovery.
18 Templates Page-level fields in case templates were being created as document-level when applying a template at case creation.
19 Text Extraction The body of read receipt and delivery receipt e-mails was not appearing in the extracted text. Also, format conversion warnings will no longer appear for these types of messages. They will be treated in the same manner as Contacts, etc. as they cannot be converted to HTML.
20 Text Indexing Printed text was not being removed from the index when a document was deleted or re-indexed.
Version 5.3.14 (Release Date: February 4, 2009)
New Features  
# Category Description
1 Exports A "JPEG subsampling" option has been added to the Options tab in the Export Utility to allow potential improvement of the image quality for JPEG files. Values include: 1:1:1 (no subsampling, 2:1:1 (2 to 1 horz), 4:1:1 (4 to 1 horz and vert, and 2:1:1 (2 to 1 vert). Note: These values may be referred to differently in other applications when viewing the image properties. For example, 2:1:1 (2 to 1 horz) may be listed as 4:2:2 outside of LAW.
2 Log Viewer A "Save As" button has been added to the Log Viewer (Tools menu) to allow saving of error logs to a *.CSV file directly from the viewer.
3 Management Console The LAW Management Console ("LMC") is now included with LAW PreDiscovery. The LMC can be used to manage distributed batch processing jobs and to automatically join LAW workstations to those shared jobs. During processing, stations will report their progress on the batches and users can view this information from a single location. The console can be launched and added to Windows startup, if desired, by launching the Options dialog within LAW (Tools>Options), viewing the Preferences tab, and checking the box to "Start the Management Console on Windows startup." Please see the Help file or User Guide for more information.
4 Profile Manager The two system profiles in the Profile Manager, <Any Available Licenses> and <Custom>, can now be hidden to assist with easier management of license usage. Users must be in administrative mode in order to hide or restore these profiles.
5 Profiles Global profiles and search filters may now be created for the grid displays, Index display, and Query Builder. Shared profile support has also been added for index profiles. A "Field Profiles" button has been added to the Modify Fields dialog (Index menu) which allows the selection and management of the profiles. Also, the "Add New Profile" button has been removed and replaced by "Save" and "Save As" buttons. Global profiles and searches can be created, saved, and used across all LAW cases; commonly used profiles and queries will no longer need to be created in each case. Please see the Help file or User Guide for more information.
# Category Description
1 Exports Color pages can now be resaved during the export process as JPEG files when exporting a serialized image containing color pages to a single-page format using "Default" as the Output Format. In order for this to occur, the PageColor field must be populated. This is now automatically set for documents converted to TIFF in LAW 5.3.14 or later. If the images were imported from another application, the 'Update Page Data' batch process will need to be run on the images to populate the PageColor field.
2 Printing If LAW is unable to locate the notes.ini file in the Lotus Notes installation path, LAW will now look for the notes.ini file location in the registry. This change will prevent the following error from occurring when attempting to initialize a batch process with the "Print Lotus Notes e-mails natively from Lotus" option enabled: <Error> = The Lotus Notes configuration file (notes.ini) was not found, unable to verify recipient expansion (ErrCode=53, Line=170) (-1)
3 Printing LAW will now only support version 2009 of E-Drawings for use as a print source application. If 2008 is installed, an error will be logged for any records with E-Drawings as a source application (An installation of eDrawings 2009 was not found.). We recommend uninstalling 2008 prior to installing version 2009 to avoid potential complications with this application when printing in LAW.
Bug Fixes  
# Category Description
1 Batch Process LAW would crash if a user deletes a shared batch while another machine is still processing the job.
2 Exports The DocID field could not be included in the Summation DII file unless native files were included.
3 Exports When exporting records based on a recordset using the field used to track export status, and using the Export Logging feature on the same field again, arbitrary records were being skipped during the export with SQL cases.
4 ED Loader A sample e-mail was discovered that would receive a DateRcvd of the current date as it did not have a "Received" field defined in the message properties. In 5.3.12 and later, if the field's timestamp is determined to have been created by processing the e-mail, it is considered invalid and the value is cleared.
5 Grid Displays When running a batch or export from the main form grid, all records were being processed instead of the current record set. This would only occur if the Query Builder was launched from the standalone grid, followed by records being sent to the main form grid.
6 Grid Displays The hotkey for "Row color odd" is now Alt+D. It was previously set to Alt+O which was also for the OK button.
7 Grid Displays If the grid view is pinned to stay on top of other windows, and then closes and reopens the grid view, the window will no longer be pinned.
8 Grid Displays Save dialogs were getting trapped behind the standalone grid view if the grid was pinned and changes were made to the profile.
9 Grid Displays After exporting with the standalone grid view active, an empty grid would pop up if the grid was closed prior to the “Open Export Folder” prompt appearing.
10 Imports When attempting to import a load file containing no records, LAW was failing to present a status message stating no records were imported.
11 Imports The AttachPID was being set incorrectly for IPRO load file imports. The invalid attachments could be resolved by validating attachments, but is now corrected for load file imports in 5.3.12 and later.
12 Imports Subscript out of range error was occurring during an EDRM XML load file import if the file engine was unable to identify the native source file being imported.
13 Printing LAW's print server was crashing and displaying an error when any attempting to use Microsoft Word as a source application when MS Word XP (2002) was installed.
14 Templates Page-level fields were not being saved in case templates.
15 Templates The folder structure saved in a case template was not being created when applying a template.
16 TIFF Conversion The TiffStatus value remained as Y instead of E when placeholders were not enabled and the document received an error during a TIFF Conversion process.
17 User Interface The Retain Color setting was misplaced in the Options tab in the Export Utility. It has been moved to its original location, below the Merge Annotations setting.
Version 5.3.08  (Release Date: December 10, 2008)
New Features  
# Category Description
1 Document Numbering The "Use rolling numeric sections" option has been added to the Numbering tab in Tools->Options. This feature may be used to alter the way LAW increments when a particular value in a numbering scheme has been reached (i.e. 001.9999 increments to 002.0001). Please see the Help topic Coding->Numbering Documents/Pages for more information.
2 Exports The "EDRM XML 1.0" format has been added to the list of available export formats in the Export Utility.
3 Exports New Ringtail configuration setting, "Include reference to native file in Pages table", has been added. The state of this setting will determine how files are viewed upon import into Ringtail.
4 Exports Two new settings have been added to the "Custom" folder naming dialog in the Export Utility: "Split folder(s) on custom delimiter" and "Drop last folder level." These settings allow additional configuration when using index field values to build the folder structure upon exporting.
5 Imports The setting, Link to source files in place when importing load files, has been added to the Preferences tab in Tools->Options. When enabled, LAW will link to the source files outside of LAW when importing load files rather than copying the files to case folder structure.
6 Imports LAW will now retain images in single-page format when importing load files. Note: All imported images, regardless of page format, are now saved to the $Image Archive folder during the import process. In previous versions, the images were merged into multi-page files (if serialized) and stored in the folder structure displayed in LAW's main interface. 
7 Printers An additional image printer, "LexisNexis Image Driver 5.0 (300 DPI)", is now included in the full installation. This image printer will create 300 DPI images ONLY to account for the DPI changing when certain Microsoft Excel files are encountered. If a different DPI setting is required, please use the original LexisNexis Image Driver.
# Category Description
1 Exports The "BCC" field is now included in the Parties table in the Ringtail MDB load file rather than the Export_Extras table when chosen as a selected field.
2 Image Manipulation The Insert Existing Page feature now supports the combining of mixed image formats in a single serialized scanned document. For example, a two-page document could contain one TIF page and one JPG page.
3 Import Tag List LAW will now prompt to apply the "Indexed" property to the selected Document ID field if not already indexed. Applying this property can significantly increase import speeds in larger cases.
4 Installer The warning message to remove dongles (hardware keys) during the Sentinel install portion of the LAW full installation process has been removed. The vendor providing these keys has confirmed no issues will occur when installing this service while a key is attached to the system.
5 Installer LAW will now perform a check during updates to ensure the version being installed is supported under the maintenance contract linked to the dongle (hardware key). If the key cannot be reached during the install, LAW will prompt for the key number (i.e. N10-XXXX). A warning message will appear if the version should not be installed. This check is to prevent users from installing a version they will not be able to run due to an expired contract.
6 OCR The setting, "Create web optimized PDF", has been added to the OCR tab in Tools->Options.
7 OCR A new version of the Expervision OCR engine ( is included. This version resolves issues with the "web optimized PDF" setting causing corrupt PDFs to be created, improves OCR accuracy on complex images, and addresses several conditions that could cause the OCR engine to hang or crash.
8 Text Extraction A new version of dtSearch, 7.60.7728.1, is included. This version resolves the following two issues: 1) The "*" (asterisk) character was being converted to a UTF-8 version of the character in some cases, and 2) The words "true" and "false" were not being included in the text extracted from Excel files.
9 TIFF Conversion The option to bypass TIFF conversion on native images has been changed to "Treat native TIFF images as image for record (bypass TIFF Conversion)" and only applies to TIFF images (file IDs 321, 298, and 146) by default to account for issues when endorsing extremely small image files, such as 2x2 JPGs. An INI setting is available to add additional image file types. Please see the Help section Batch Processing->E-Print/TIFF Conversion->E-Print/TIFF Output Settings for more information.
10 User Interface A "Numbering" tab has been added to the Options form under the Tools menu. The following options have been moved from Preferences to this tab: Use document/level separator for Page IDs, Use alpha-numeric bates numbering, and Use document level attachment numbering.
Bug Fixes  
# Category Description
1 Annotations Annotations would disappear on a multi-page document stored serialized if a page of the document was rotated and then resaved.
2 ED Loader The post import timeout was being activated in Access cases when no post import actions were set in the ED Loader settings.
3 ED Loader Abnormal termination of an import would result in duplicate DocIDs.
4 ED Loader Using the Outlook Fldr. option to import folders from an OST file was not working.
5 ED Loader Pressing Cancel had no effect during the scan for mail stores.
6 ED Loader The import process would stall when importing e-mails with a large number of attachments.
7 Exports When appending to an existing load file and a control list is present, LAW was not appending the control list. The file was being overwritten.
8 Exports Only the text of the first document was being included when exporting to IPRO, Concordance (DAT), or Summation, embedding text directly in the load file, and combining parents and attachments.
9 Exports If a large number of duplicate values existed in the Image Tag field or field used as a file naming scheme, LAW would hang for a significant amount of time prior to exporting.
10 Exports Overflow error was occurring when attempting to export extremely large images (2GB+) from LAW.
11 Grid Displays The feature to allow synchronizing of the grid and document list becomes unusable when a folder contains a large number of documents (i.e. 30,000+ documents).
12 Grid Displays Selecting multiple fields and attempting to sort would result in an "Object variable…" error message. 
13 Imports The state of the "Include" setting was being ignored when importing DII files into LAW and including fields.
14 Imports If a single document was made up of single-page images and different file formats (i.e. first page is a JPG and second page is a TIF), only some of the pages would be displayed. This issue applied to load file imports only.
15 Imports In Access cases, records created during a load file import were missing images when stored as single-page. This applied to version 5.2.42 only.
16 Index Fields Deselecting the Indexed property for a field does not remove the index from the database.
17 Open Case The Cancel button does not work when LAW prompts for a new name when attempting to open a case with a name already in the case list.
18 Scanning LAW would freeze when attempting to scan with PDF as the selected file format.
19 TIFF Conversion A Login Failure error would occur when TIFFing in a SQL case on a Windows Vista machine when not using integrated security.
Version 5.2.42  (Release Date: September 6, 2008)
New Features  
# Category Description
1 ED Loader A new output setting, HTML/MHTML, has been added for Outlook e-mail conversions. This setting will force MHTML output for any e-mails with RTF content, HTML messages with embedded images, or non-email items. Standard text or HTML messages will be saved as HTML.
2 Imports The EDRM XML 1.0 specification has been added to list of available imports. This provides support for import of electronic discovery that has already been processed outside of LAW.
3 TIFF Conversion Native images can now be skipped during TIFF conversion so that the original TIFF image file becomes the working image in LAW. This behavior can be toggled from the TIFF Output options. If desired, the TIFF conversion settings can still be forced on the native image bypassing the TIFF print process for improved performance.
# Category Description
1 Admin Error message returned on SQL case creation failures has been updated with additional information.
2 ED Loader Attachment extraction was enhanced to support office documents with attachments saved as e-mail attachment streams.
3 ED Loader Caching on folder table lookups was improved to reduce SQL traffic during imports.
4 OCR Web optimization for PDF output has been disabled due to potential corruption on large images. Web optimization can now be enabled with an ini setting if desired.
5 User Interface Folder view control was updated to improve performance on folder refreshes. The updated folder view also respects Vista folder themes.
Bug Fixes  
# Category Description
1 ED Loader Corrupt or invalid TAR or TAR.GZ files can result in an error situation that prevents loading any further sources until LAW is restarted.
2 ED Loader In rare cases, an Outlook mail store may fail to load. Improved error handling and reporting has been added if this occurs.
3 ED Loader Office documents with invalid dates may fail to import in SQL cases if the date(s) falls outside an acceptable range.
4 ED Loader Office template files (*.oft) are now properly handled during imports and attachments can be extracted.
5 Imports Doculex import fails if a range file is selected for re-unitizing documents.
6 OCR OCRing mixed color images to PDF may result in pink output images if auto-deskew is not enabled during the OCR process.
7 User Interface Deselecting and reselecting scale to grey fails to refresh the image as expected.
Version 5.2.37  (Release Date: September 9, 2008)
New Features  
# Category Description
1 Run Command A new run command (Tools -> Run Command) is included to re-extract all PDF metadata for a case using the dtSearch engine. The command is named 'PDF Metadata Extractor'. It will re-extract metadata for all PDF files in the current case logging any changes it makes to a field.
# Category Description
1 ED Loader The dtSearch engine is now used to extract metadata for PDF files.
2 Scan for Errors Automatic retries have been added to a number of areas when scanning for invalid images in an attempt to address high traffic networks that suffer from unusually high numbers of dropped SQL Server connections.
Version 5.2.36  (Release Date: August 26, 2008)
New Features  
# Category Description
1 Document Numbering Field codes, such as &[DocID] may now be used in the Starting # field when numbering a document- or page-level index field. This applies to Edit->Auto Number as well as the Document Numbering batch process. For example, “&[Page] of &[Pages]” (without the quotes) would result in the text "1 of 20" in the selected target field. Please see the Coding->Numbering Documents/Pages topic in the Help file for a list of possible values. This feature is not currently supported when the "Use document level attachment numbering" setting is enabled (see #2 in New Features for a description).
2 Document Numbering A new setting, "Use document level attachment numbering", has been added to the Tools->Options->Preferences tab. When enabled, LAW will append a suffix in the format of [<attach number>-<total # of attachments>] to the specified Starting # when numbering a document level index field. This applies to Edit->Auto Number as well as the Document Numbering batch process. Please see the Coding->Numbering Documents/Pages topic in the Help file for more information.
3 ED Loader Metadata extraction is now fully supported for Office 2007 (binary and OpenXML only) and OpenOffice documents.
4 Exports Native file exports are now supported for the Delimited Text export format. The *.CSV load file will now include a "NativeFile" field for ED records and will contain a path to the exported native file.
5 Query Builder A new setting, "Use NOLOCK setting to improve performance (SQL only/read-only)", has been added to the Advanced tab in the Database Query Builder. This setting was added to prevent locking of records in SQL cases while a query is being executed. This should not be a concern in smaller LAW cases. Please see the Searching->Query Builder topic in the Help file for a complete description.
6 Page Count Extraction LAW now has the ability to provide estimated page counts for most of the common native file formats that have been imported into a LAW case via the ED Loader. This feature may be accessed in the standalone grid by clicking Tools->Extract ED Page Counts). Page count estimates will be stored in the EDPages field for each record. Please see the Working with Native Documents->Extracting Page Counts topic in the Help file for more information. Also, these estimates will now be displayed in the four types of reports LAW generates for ED records (Tools->ED Reports in the standalone grid display).
# Category Description
1 Annotations Annotations may now be merged to serialized image files.
2 Control List The Build Control List feature in the standalone grid will now include printed text when available.
3 ED Loader To prevent misidentification and therefore mishandling of e-mail, EML and MSG files will always be sent through LAW's e-mail processor. If the file is truly not an e-mail, a warning will be logged and the file will be handled as an e-document.
4 Exports CC and BCC have been added to the list of available eDii tokens in the Summation export settings.
5 Image Manipulation ED image records (records imported via ED Loader and converted to TIFF in LAW) may now be split and merged. When splitting, the user can choose from three different metadata retention options and will have the ability to apply an auto-incrementing suffix to DocID's for records created as a result of the split. Please see the Manipulating Documents->Splitting Documents topic in the Help file for more information.
6 OCR New version of the Expervision OCR engine is included. The new version should be listed as in the OCR tab in Tools->Options. This version of Expervision will create web-optimized PDF files when the OCR output format is set to one of the Adobe PDF options.
Bug Fixes  
# Category Description
1 Auto-number The "Number Document" dialog (Edit->Auto Number) was not closing after completion if a blank starting value was used.
2 ED Loader When Deduplication is enabled and an ED Loader session is paused and restarted, the remaining records may fail and an error logged for each: "The connection cannot be used to perform this operation. It is either closed or invalid in this context."
3 ED Loader When loose calendar items are imported via ED Loader, the new copy of the calendar item copied to LAW's folder structure may lose the original date, while the extracted text did have the correct date.
4 ED Loader In rare circumstances, the full SMTP address was not being pulled for the sender of an e-mail imported via ED Loader.
5 ED Loader When selecting a drive as a source, the colon and slash was not being removed automatically. The user was forced to manually remove the invalid characters per the warning message.
6 Endorse The DPI for certain images was being reduced dramatically after endorsing in LAW.
7 Endorse Endorsement was being truncated when attempting to endorse with Unicode data.
8 Endorse Images may receive double endorsements if endorsed multiple times in ED cases if one or more documents are reconverted to TIFF in a batch process.
9 Exports With a specific combination of options selected, exported records may fail with an "Object variable or With block variable not set (91)" error message when Delimited Text is the selected format.
10 Exports Color images exported to single-page PDF Conversion were resulting in black and white PDF files when the "Use Pegasus" setting was enabled.
11 Exports When exporting serialized images with a large number of pages to multi-page PDF Conversion, the resulting PDF was occasionally missing pages.
12 Exports Switching tabs in the Export Utility in a certain manner would cause LAW to crash.
13 Import LAW Case Values in PageSource, PageColor, PageSize, PageHeight, and PageWidth were not being retained when importing a LAW case into another LAW case. Printed text was also not being imported.
14 Summarize Images The Summarize Images function in the Folder menu was failing with an "Object variable or With block variable not set (91)" error when attempting to use this feature in a non-ED LAW case.
15 TIFF Conversion Initializing a TIFF Conversion batch process would sometimes fail with a "Failure occurred setting default system printer" error.
16 TIFF/E-Print Meeting requests fail with a "Method of object failed" error message when attempting to print to paper or convert to TIFF. Printing of these items is not supported via automation if the item is not in the calendar. As a workaround, these items will now be rendered to RTF for printing.
Version 5.2.27  (Release Date: June 30, 2008)
New Features  
# Category Description
1 ED Loader Additional archive formats are now supported which include: TAR (*.tar), GZIP (*.gz; *.gzip; *.__z), and Z (*.z).
2 ED Loader Outlook messages can now be converted to HTML, MHTML, MSG, or RTF during import. The format can be specified with the 'Save Outlook messages as' setting in the E-mail settings section of the ED Loader.
3 ED Loader Embedded files/attachments will now be extracted from PowerPoint files in addition to other Office documents if the 'Enable Compound Document Extraction' setting is enabled during imports.
4 ED Loader Unicode metadata extraction is now supported for PDF files.
5 TIFF/E-Print The source application "eDrawings Viewer" is now supported to provide improved support for printing CAD files (*.dwg, *.dwf, *.dxf, plus many more). See for details. **Note: The "Image Printer" source application now supports printing DWG/DWF files natively, and is the recommended and new default source for these file types.
6 TIFF/E-Print The source application "AutoVue Suite" is now supported as an alternative source application to Quick View Plus and supports over 450 file types. See for details. AutoVue can be set as the default native viewer if desired by checking the "AutoVue Suite Review Mode" menu item from the "Open File" button above the main document viewer.
# Category Description
1 Import Significant performance enhancements have been made to the LAW 5.x case import function.
2 Index Fields The following fields have been added to the ED case template: LastAuthor, ApplicationName, and Template.
3 OCR Flags Performance improvements have been made to reduce the amount of time required to reset OCR flags in large cases.
4 TIFF/E-Print The "Image Printer" source application now supports printing DWG/DWF files natively, and is the recommended and new default source for these file types.
Bug Fixes  
# Category Description
1 Batch Process Applying an endorsement using the "First page only" setting is not applied if connected to a batch using the distributed processing feature.
2 Batch Process Running the Endorse Image batch process and the Update Page Data batch process at the same time causes the page level image data to be deleted.
3 Deduplication Type mismatch error when selecting a custodian in the Deduplication Utility.
4 ED Loader Attachment text appears in parent text for certain e-mail messages.
5 ED Loader Certain types of loose Outlook messages (*.msg) fail to be detected and handled as e-mails resulting in no e-mail metadata or extracted attachments.
6 ED Loader Duplicate DocID's may be generated if an import is canceled or if the EDLoader process crashes mid import.
7 ED Loader Received date for Outlook messages is left blank if no sent date is found.
8 ED Loader The Date Received field for Outlook e-mails would not be populated if the Date Sent field contained a blank or invalid date value.
9 ED Loader Unicode filenames in RAR archives are not retained when imported into LAW.
10 Exports "Bad file name or number" error when exporting a native-only record to Summation.
11 Exports Exporting a BlueTrace load file may fail to generate the OPT and Create-hyperlink.CPT files.
12 Exports Exporting the BegDoc# and EndDoc# index fields to a Concordance DCB produces paragraph field types for both fields. The new default field type for BegDoc# and EndDoc# will create a Text field with a length of 50 characters.
13 Exports Exporting with logging enabled causes extremely slow export speeds and fails to update the export status.
14 Exports If a UNC export path is specified for the following export formats, the path is actually exported as a hard path: CaseLogistix, CaseMap, Concordance, Concordance Direct (DCB), Delimited Text, iconic, and In magic's DB/Text Works.
15 Exports Specifying a user-created page-level index field for endorsing fails to endorse the field value onto the image.
Version 5.2.17  (Release Date: June 9, 2008)
Bug Fixes  
# Category Description
1 ED Loader The default file type definition file incorrectly set the SourceApp for "AutoCAD Drawing" files (FileType=26) to the "Binary/Hex Printer" instead of "VoloView Express". This only affected new installations of LAW that did not have an existing file type definition database. The defaults file was also updated to account for the updated file engine included with the 5.2.15 Hotfix.
2 Grid Display Attempting to set page-level tags for multiple records (eg. Tag All Rows as Yes) in the standalone grid causes a run time error (Type mismatch) that causes the application to close. Note: This bug only occurred in the 5.2.15 Hotfix, and only applied to the standalone grid.
3 Image Import The Raw Image Import function would not correctly mirror source folders for selected folders using recursion in which the top-level checked folder did not contain any images. Note: This issue only exists in the 5.2.13/15 builds.
4 Installer The full installer has been updated with a newer version of PSAPI.dll and now performs a version check on this file. In some cases, the installer could overwrite this file with an older version and prevent some applications that rely on it from running (including Internet Explorer).
5 LAWtsi LAWtsi could not access a SQL case using integrated security unless the LAW_User existed on the server.
Version 5.2.15  (Release Date: May 23, 2008)
Bug Fixes  
# Category Description
1 Batch Processing Passwords for Acrobat specified in the TIFF/E-Print options were not being applied correctly for Acrobat 8.0. Note: If Acrobat 7.0 is used for printing, passwords containing ampersands ("&") cannot be set by LAW due to a limitation in Acrobat. If this character exists in the password, the file will have to be opened and printed manually.
2 Batch Processing Batch process initialization for non-distributed batches generated from query results in SQL cases has been optimized to significantly decrease the load time.
3 ED Loader Custodians cannot be assigned in the ED loader in certain instances if the short date format in the regional settings is set to something other than "m/d/yyyy".
4 ED Loader Files with a leading space in their filenames were not being extracted from archives.
5 ED Loader OLE-embedded attachments in Outlook e-mail were not being extracted from certain messages.
6 ED Loader E-mails with corrupt or malformed timestamp data cause an "invalid argument to date encode" error and prevent attachment extraction.
7 ED Loader Filenames without extensions were not being extracted from archives if the "Use nested filename for items extracted from archives" was enabled. If this option was enabled and "Auto-assign suspect extensions" was also enabled, the files would get extracted as expected.
8 ED Loader In certain message types, attachments were being recognized as embedded images and records were not created for the attachments in LAW.
9 ED Loader Metadata was not being captured for PDF files extracted with 5.2.13 due to a bug in the file recognition engine. An updated file engine (2.19) is included that corrects the issue. A custom command is also included that will re-extract metadata for PDF files in an ED case if needed. It will update and flag all documents that get modified at the time of the scan. The command requires a TAG field to be created prior to running named 'PDFMetadataMod'. This field can be used to track which documents have been scanned and modified. To run this scan, select Tools -> Run Command -> PDF Metadata Scanner. 
10 Exports The export process aborts with "The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect. (Errcode=123, Line=800, ProcName=CShell)" when it encounters a multipage TIFF that was created from single document TIFF conversion (printed directly from source application after launching a native file from its hyperlink). Note: This does not affect images created from a batch TIFF conversion or serialized images.
11 Grid Displays List field values composed of multiple list items (separated by delimiter specified in preferences) do not display in the grid views.
12 Licensing The "Force Reclaim" link for reclaiming expired undocked keys in the profile manager has been renamed to "Reclaim Undocked Key(s)" and will now serve the same purpose as the menu item under the Server menu. The link will now always appear rather than only when a key has expired. This feature will work as it did in previous versions with one exception. If no undocked keys are attached to the machine, but an undocked key has expired for the server key, the user now has the ability to force the reclaim of all expired keys. Note: Expired keys reclaimed in this manner must be physically attached and have a reclaim run on them before they can be used again to undock a license.
Version 5.2.13   (Release Date: May 12, 2008)
New Features  
# Category Description
1 ED Loader The ED Loader has been modified to support the import of folders and files containing Unicode in the path(s) and the viewing of Unicode characters in the interface. This is supported in new LAW cases only (created in this version or later). Please see the Help file topic Appendix->Unicode Support for more information regarding Unicode in LAW.
2 Exports Additional text option, Printed, has been added to the text options (Formats/Documents tab) in the Export Utility to allow this type to be exported. This type of text may be optionally created during a batch TIFF Conversion or single document TIFF conversion when using the LexisNexis Image Driver. In addition to OCR, printed text may be exported single-page. Please note, not all export formats support single-page text.
3 Exports If Unicode data exists in any exported index fields, it will now be included in the CaseLogistix load file when this export format is selected. Optionally, Unicode data may also be included when exporting to the Delimited Text export. The setting, Allow Unicode data, is located in the Configuration settings for Delimited Text.
4 Grid Displays While viewing data in either of the grid displays, any Unicode data existing in a field may be viewed within the grid by floating the mouse pointer above the cell. The Unicode data will appear in a pop-up text box beside the cell.
5 Grid Displays Unicode data in index fields can be included when saving records from the grid displays by selecting the "Unicode Text" option in the "Save as type" drop-down.
6 Licensing LAWtsi licenses may now be undocked from the LAW server key.
7 Pixel Image Library Pixel Image Library version 8.0 (Build 4727) is now shipped with the full install for versions 5.2.05 and later of LAW PreDiscovery. This version will prevent an issue with images appearing pink after imports into LAW.
8 Printers The LexisNexis Image Driver 5.0, based on the Zan Image Printer, is now included in installations of LAW. This image printer may be used to convert native files to TIFF images using the batch TIFF Conversion process and single document TIFF conversion feature.
9 Scanning Scanned images may now be stored in serialized (single-page) format. When using this storage schema, resulting images will be stored in the $Image Archive folder located in the root of the case folder. To choose between serialized and multi-page, click Tools->Options and select the desired "Storage Schema" on the Imaging tab.
10 Text Display When more than one type of text exists for a record, the type of text displayed in the viewer on the main form may be selected by right-clicking in the viewer and choosing one of the three new options: Open Text (OCR), Open Text (Extracted), Open Text (Printed). All available text states will be enabled. Once a text state has been manually selected by the user, it will be checked and become the default text state.
11 Text Extraction Text may now be extracted during the batch TIFF Conversion process and single document TIFF conversion feature when using the LexisNexis Image Driver (installed with versions 5.2 and later). The option to enable this feature, "Save text with images", is located in TIFF Options->TIFF Output in the Batch Processing dialog. This type of text, referred to as 'Printed' text, will be stored with the TIFF output below the <case root>\$Image Archive folder.
12 User Interface The LAW PreDiscovery interface has been modified to support the viewing of Unicode data within the application. The standalone and embedded grid displays do not currently support Unicode, but a pop-up text box to display this type of data will appear when the mouse pointer is positioned over a cell containing Unicode. This is supported in new LAW cases only (created in 5.2 or later). Please see the Help file topic Appendix->Unicode Support for more information regarding Unicode in LAW.
13 Windows Vista Windows Vista has been added as a supported operating system for LAW. Please see the notes regarding Vista support in the System Requirements topic in the Help file.
# Category Description
1 Documentation Help->Quick Start Guide has been changed to Help->User Guide. This menu item will launch the new user guide included with LAW installations and will be located in \Law50\LAW PreDiscovery User Guide.pdf. The Quick Start Guide has been removed due to outdated content.
2 ED Loader New version of the file recognition engine, used to identify file types during ED Loader imports, has been implemented. A prompt to update the file type database with changes will appear when the ED Loader is initially launched after installing this version. This updated version will correct a number of e-mail recognition issues.
3 ED Loader The menu item, Tools->Open Summary Database, has been moved and changed to File->Open Summary. Additional menu items and button labels have changed in the ED Loader interface, but all items perform the same functions as previous versions.
4 Exports The default image component used to manipulate images during the export process has changed to use Pegasus image libraries. This change was made to prevent common 'Assertion failures' from occurring and causing problems with the export process. A new option, 'Use Pegasus Image Library', has been added to the Options tab of the Export Utility to control which image component is used. To revert back to the older Pixel Translations libraries for any reason, uncheck this new setting. NOTE: If performing multipage PDF exports, the Pegasus setting will be ignored.
5 Exports The NativeFile field will now only appear in Concordance DAT load files once to avoid issues when loading into Concordance. This field appears by default in the DAT and would previously appear twice when the field was also selected manually in the Fields tab.
6 Exports Summation export has been modified to force the @T to appear below @PST and @StoreID tokens in the DII load file to avoid potential problems when loading into Summation.
7 Exports User-defined page-level fields may now be selected as the File Naming Scheme and Image Tag when exporting.
8 Grid Displays Page-level fields set as visible in the grid view will now reappear as visible columns the next time a page-level query is executed.
9 Index Display Page-level fields are now locked on the main form Index Display. The only way to populate these fields currently is using the Import Tag List and Bates Numbering/Auto-numbering features.
10 OCR New version of the Expervision OCR engine is included. The new version should be listed as in the OCR tab in Tools->Options.
11 OCR The OCRStatus field value is now set to 'Y' after a document has been re-converted to TIFF provided the previous status was not 'N'. This will help users determine which documents are in need of OCR if using this feature.
12 Printers The Informatik Image Driver is no longer packaged in the full installation file; however, this image printer may still be used for TIFF conversion in LAW.
13 TIFF Conversion When utilizing the single document TIFF conversion feature, documents may now be converted to serialized format and will be saved to the $Image Archive folder to remain consistent with batch TIFF conversions. Printed text is also now supported with this feature by enabling the option prior to the conversion. The desired image format and text options should be set in the Batch Processing TIFF Output options prior to using this feature.
Bug Fixes  
# Category Description
1 Batch Process A run-time error and crash may occur if attempting to select a folder in the Batch process that was previously processed in a batch and later deleted.
2 ED Loader After setting the 'Application' to 'Shell Printer' in the File Type Manager for one or more file types and then importing that file type via ED Loader, the SourceApp was being set to 'No Source Specified' for that file type instead of 'Shell Printer.'
3 ED Loader In certain situations, the following error would occur when attempting to restart an ED Loader: The field is too small to accept the amount of data you attempted to add.  Try inserting or pasting less data. (3163).
4 Exports Attachment records were failing with an 'Object variable or with block variable not set' error when exporting to Ringtail CaseBook.
5 Exports Creation of a new partition may fail with the following error if the partition was created around a set of EDD records: The system cannot find the file specified.
6 Exports Date format in iCONECT load file was not being set correctly based on the selected setting in the Export Utility.
7 Exports If an oversized text file was created during an Introspect export, it was being placed in the wrong location in the export output location (version 5 Introspect exports only).
8 Exports Object variable or with block variable not set error would occur prior to export when certain options were enabled in the Summation configuration options.
9 Exports Parents and attachments were potentially being split across volumes when exporting to Introspect.
10 Exports The multi-entry field delimiter specified in the Introspect options was not being applied to any fields listed after the image tag field in the Selected Fields list.
11 Exports The number "9" character was not being included for Concordance DCB exports if the character existed in any exported fields.
12 Exports When multiple volumes were created during Introspect exports, the Batch Name was not being incremented properly for each volume.
13 Grid Displays In certain situations, page-level fields were not set as visible columns in the grid after a page-level query and had to be manually selected from the field list.
14 Grid Displays The PageSize field was not sorting properly in the grid displays. The values were being sorted based on their associated numeric values in the database rather than their textual values.
15 Grid Displays View->Attachment fields was not displaying all four fields if the query had already been run in the current grid session and the one or more of the fields had been set as hidden using the Field List.
16 Index Display Long index field names were not displaying properly in the Index Display. Tooltip will now appear when floating the mouse pointer over the field name in the display if not all characters in the name can be displayed.
17 Index Display System field values no longer appear to be removed after clicking the Clear button on the Index display. Only editable field values will be cleared when using this feature.
18 Index Fields An error would occur when attempting to rename a user-defined page-level index field in Index->Modify Fields.
19 OCR If 'Auto deskew' is enabled for OCR, in rare cases, an image may cause an automation error to occur. This error will be followed by a check constraint error message when updating the record, and all subsequent OCR operations will fail.
20 Profile Manager LAW would not accept a license server name less than 6 characters in length.
21 Reports EDD reports were being created with an "evaluation version" footer.
22 Text Indexing A document was not being flagged for re-indexing after OCRing that document individually. Documents OCR'd via batch process were being properly flagged.
23 TIFF/E-Print Due to a bug in Microsoft Visio, only the first page of Visio documents were being printed during a TIFF Conversion or e-Print process when the SourceApp was set to Microsoft Visio.
24 TIFF/E-Print The "Empty Excel workbook encountered" placeholder was being displayed along with actual data in the printed output when certain types of text boxes were contained on the worksheet.
25 TIFF/E-Print The setting in Lotus Notes to expand recipient names was being ignored when printing in LAW using the option to print e-mails natively from Lotus, resulting in the To, CC, and BCC fields being limited to 3 lines.
26 User Interface The Thumbnail and Image viewers were not being displayed properly when running LAW for the first time on a machine.
Version 5.1.19   (Release Date: January 14, 2008)
New Features  
# Category Description
1 ED Loader An error/warning will now be logged by default when importing Lotus e-mails if an e-mail contains an RTF body. These warnings can be disabled if user decides they do not want them. The logging is enabled by default, so it will require manual user intervention to disable them. To do this, a new setting has been added to the E-Mail section of the ED Loader. To disable the warnings, uncheck the 'Log warning messages for e-mails containing RTF body content'.
2 Index Fields New page-level system fields have been added to track the source, color, and size of scanned or imported images and images created during TIFF conversions in LAW: PageColor, PageSource, PageSize, PageWidth, PageHeight. A new batch process, Update Page Data, has also been added to populate the color and size of imported images, as this information is not pulled during the actual import. All 5 fields are populated for scanned pages at the time they are scanned.
3 TIFF Conversion Support for the Zan Image Printer ( for TIFF conversion has been added. If this printer is installed, it will be available in the list of available drivers for TIFF conversion in the TIFF Output options. **Note: The retail version of this driver will install 2 different printers, one for B&W and one for color. Either printer can be selected as the active driver. LAW will set the color format automatically based on the settings configured in the TIFF Output settings. 
4 TIFF/e-Print An option to 'Print Lotus Notes e-mails natively from Lotus' is now available in the TIFF and E-Print batch process options to allow printing of e-mails directly from Lotus Notes vs. the HTM output file created during ED Loader imports. Using this option, the output LAW produces will retain the original Lotus formatting, including inline images and RTF content. **Note: If you plan to use this setting, you MUST leave the Lotus mail stores (*.NSF) in the same location from which they were imported. This setting requires access to the source mail store during the print process, so if the mail stores are moved after the import, attempts to use it will fail and log error messages for all e-mails. This new option will be disabled by default for existing cases, and enabled by default for new cases.
# Category Description
1 ED Loader The text extraction process has been modified to produce cleaner text extraction results during ED imports. Text from embedded files/attachments is no longer included in the text of the parent for MS Office documents. The extracted text is also screened against known binary formats that would typically result in large amounts of binary data or "garbage" text, and if these one of these types is detected, the text will be ignored and a warning logged. **Note: Screening for known binary formats is disabled if the 'Enable binary scanning in text extraction' setting is enabled.
2 Exports When exporting to Concordance DCB, a new DCB will be created in each partition to address an issue with linking to native files in the Concordance database. A new option has been added to the Concordance DCB export options, 'Concatenate DCB's across separate partitions', to allow users to treat all DCB's in the partitions as one DCB.
3 Full text Search Full text searches have been optimized to reduce the amount of time required to return results.
Bug Fixes  
# Category Description
1 ED Loader Shell Printer was not available in the Application drop-down in the File Type Manager.
2 ED Loader Records were failing to import if the regional settings on the processing stations were set to 'English (United Kingdom)' or the short date format was set to 'dd/mm/yyyy'.
3 ED Loader UNICODE metadata (e.g. Author, Subject, Title, etc.) captured during import was being converted to ANSI.
4 ED Loader DateLastPrnt values were not being extracted from files imported via ED Loader.
5 Exports TrialDirector load file was displaying '0' for records instead of '1' or '2' to indicate black and white or color images.
6 Import Load File Load files with extensions in all caps were causing errors to occur upon import.
7 Text Indexing Unicode characters in e-mail text were not being indexed.
8 TIFF Conversion Batch stiffing using Peernet driver with 'Drop blank pages' enabled would cause resulting tiff images to be uncompressed.
9 TIFF Conversion When converting Excel files to TIFF, the DPI setting was being pulled from Excel Page Setup instead of the image printer resolution setting.
Version 5.1.11   (Release Date: November 14, 2007)
# Category Description
1 Z-Print Import Z-Print load files may now be imported into an end-enabled case. The Custodian field will be mapped to the existing Custodian lookup field and RecordType values will be mapped to the existing _DocCat field. Imported records may use LAW's EDD features, such as TIFF Conversion and native file exports.
Bug Fixes  
# Category Description
1 ED Loader AttachPID values were being set incorrectly when archive items with attachments are imported and the 'Treat archive items as attachments' option is disabled.
2 ED Loader In certain situations, LAW was not properly translating the PR_SMTP_ADDRESS when processing e-mail via ED Loader.
3 ED Loader An error would occur if the Session Label exceeded 255 characters. The UI now limits the value to 255 characters. If the variables exceed 255 characters when expanded, LAW will notify you and truncate the value to 255.
4 Exports Hard returns were appearing in the IPRO OCR LFP file in certain situations.
5 Exports Certain attachment fields, when exported, were using the wrong Image Tag field value when using the format-specific override option in the Fields tab.
6 Grid Display Application may crash when the space bar is pressed while a grid display is the active window.
7 Grid Display Data was possibly truncated (even if 255 characters or less) when performing a memo to text field column copy in the grid in SQL cases. Note: Truncation is expected when the source memo field is over 255 characters. A warning message will occur in this situation, prior to copying the data.
8 Scanning The ledger/tabloid scan page size did not work for the Canon DR-7080C scanner.
9 TIFF Conversion Comments in Word documents were appearing in certain docs, even when the option was set to hide them.
Version 5.1.05   (Release Date: October 12, 2007)
New Features  
# Category Description
1 Administration The custom command functionality has been extended to allow running of scripts (VBScript, Javascript), in addition to actual executables.
2 Batch Process Pause button added to Batch Process status dialog.
3 Deduplication Addition of deduplication utility accessible via Tools->Deduplication Utility from the main form. This utility is intended to replace deduplication as a batch process. The deduplication utility offers a status for viewing deduplication information in the current case as well as built in filters for deduplicating only untested items and selected custodian(s). The deduplication utility is intended to optimize the deduplication process providing greater control, faster speed, and increased flexibility for future enhancements.
4 ED Loader Pre-process summary function has been added to the ED Loader. This feature is used to collect a high level inventory of sources placed in the queue for reporting and reviewing purposes. The new options are located under the Tools menu in the ED Loader (Summarize Queue and Open Summary Database).
5 ED Loader Three new insert modes for e-documents have been added: Edit->Insert->E-Document(s)->After Current, Edit->Insert->E-Document Attachment(s)->Before Current and After Current. The Before/After current items allow for precise control over the placement of the newly inserted documents. The attachment inserts allow for the direct insertion of new documents as attachments.
6 ED Loader Added support for Exchange public folders and delegate mailboxes in the 'Select Outlook Folder' option.
7 Exports Export formats for iCONECT and CaseLogistix are now available.
8 Exports Predefined system field has been added for ID field in LAW (displayed as "<ID>" in field list).
9 Exports Summation export now allows customization of included eDii tokens. To configure which tokens are included, open the Summation export configuration dialog, ensure the option to 'Allow advanced (iBlaze) dii features' is enabled, and press the [eDii Tokens] button.
10 Exports The UNICODE text format (UTF8) used for text extracted from e-docs/attachments (UTF16 is used for parent e-mails) can be forced to ANSI during the export process if desired. To force this conversion, select the 'Decode UTF8 to ANSI' setting from the text options dialog. Because this setting will force all output text to ANSI, it cannot be selected in conjunction with the 'Allow UNICODE in text' setting.  **NOTE: This setting is processor intensive and will slow down the export process slightly. 
11 Exports UNICODE text can now be retained in exports. To allow UNICODE text output, select the 'Allow UNICODE text' setting from the text options dialog.
12 Grid Display An advanced sort function is now available in the external grid which enables the user to sort by up to 4 fields with a different sort direction per field. The advanced sort can be accessed via the Tools->Sort Records->Advanced menu item or a new toolbar button located directly to the right of the 'Sort Descending' button.
13 Import LAW Case File->Import->LAW Case->3.x | 4.x has been changed to File->Import->LAW Case. This feature has been expanded to support EDD cases and linked images. Please see the help file for a list of known issues with this feature.
14 Online Help Online help file is now complete and available.
15 Query Builder A report can now be generated by custodian for full text hits. The report (HTML) will display the number of document hits and total hits by custodian for all current full text search terms and provide totals by term and by custodian. To generate the report, enter the search terms to use and select the 'Custodian Report' button.
16 Query Builder Full text search terms can now be loaded from file. To do so, select the 'Load Terms' button.
17 TIFF Conversion Printing of TIFF placeholders for documents that error during conversion is now optional and can be controlled via the 'Print placeholders for documents that error during conversion' setting.
18 TIFF Conversion Support for the latest Peernet TIFF driver (TIFF Image Printer 7.0) has been added. This driver does not ship with LAW, it must be purchased retail from Peernet (
19 TIFF Conversion The Informatik Image Driver now contains color reduction settings to optimize color TIFFs or reduce to greyscale. Both of new settings will detect pure black and white pages and save those to Group 4 TIFFs, while allowing further control via the color compression setting to choose alternate compression formats for those pages determined to actually contain color (JPEG, LZW, Packbits).
20 TIFF Conversion "Reduce to black & white' setting has been added to the list of color reduction settings for the Informatik image printer. NOTE: The use of this setting and other color reduction settings no longer require any settings on the printer itself to be modified. LAW will automatically adjust the printer output settings based on the selected color reduction setting.
21 TIFF/e-Print New Excel options are available to print as black & white, remove repeating rows, and remove repeating columns.
22 TIFF/e-Print Microsoft Visio has been added as a supported source application for TIFF Conversion and e-Print processes. Supported versions: MS Visio 2003 and higher.
23 TIFF/e-Print VCF (vCard) files can now use Internet Explorer as a source application when printing to TIFF or paper.
24 TIFF/e-Print New source application, Shell Printer, has been added to the SourceApp field in LAW. When assigned to this source app, files will print through the application assigned to that particular file type in Windows, provided the application supports command line printing.
25 User Interface Total Litigator button has been added to the main toolbar in LAW.
# Category Description
1 Batch Process The watermark endorse/print settings are now retained at the case-level. The recent watermark list is still shared globally to allow for easy selection of a common watermark in new cases, but the settings must be manually set for all cases to prevent inadvertent watermark branding of images.
2 Batch Process Document/page counts for each category are no longer calculated until the option is selected to prevent unnecessary delays with extremely large cases.
3 Control List The 'Build Control List' feature, located in the standalone grid's Tools menu, has been modified to support extracted text in addition to OCR text.
4 Deduplication Deduplication is no longer available as a batch process, it must be performed using the new deduplication available from the main form (Tools -> Deduplication Utility).
5 ED Loader Added configuration setting to deactivate generation of .ver files created during imports (File=<App Path>\EDLoader\, Section=GENERAL_SETTINGS, Key=GENERAL_GenerateVersionStamps, Value=0 or 1 (0=disabled)).
6 ED Loader Modified compound document processing to not generate empty records for files that failed to be extracted. Instead, the warning is logged on the parent record.
7 ED Loader File/folder selection view now displays UNICODE filenames correctly.
8 ED Loader Modified 'Session Viewer' to display and give access to all sessions associated with the case via the 'Show all sessions' option located at the bottom of the dialog. This previously was limited to only sessions initialized by the current workstation to prevent invalid session restarts. The Resume command will only be enabled when a session that was initialized by the current workstation is selected.
9 ED Loader Read-only attribute on PST files are now automatically cleared (if possible) to allow Outlook to open them.
10 Embedded Grid Save menu items in embedded grid have been renamed to match the buttons in the standalone grid ('Save Selected Records' and 'Save All Records').
11 Exports CaseLogistix: SourceType field added to the CLXdata section in the XML load file. Also, the 'datetime' field definition was modified to 'dateTime'.
12 Exports Exported text for parents and attachments is now merged when exporting using the 'Combine Parents/Attachments' option. Previously, only the text of the parent would be exported in this scenario.
13 Exports When exporting images created in LAW as single page from electronic documents to a single page format, the re-saving of images is now bypassed if the output format is set to 'Default' and merging of annotations is not enabled. This significantly improves the speed and stability of exports if these conditions are met.
14 Exports Records for native files skipped during the export process because the native file does not exist are now logged as warnings. If export logging is enabled, such records will be logged with a status of 'N'.
15 Exports The single page text setting has been moved to the text options dialog.
16 Exports Concordance Direct (*.dcb) export now sets the Keyed property to true for all created TEXT/NUMERIC/DATE fields, and sets the Indexed property to true for all OCR/Full text fields.
17 Exports DateSent/DateRcvd fields exported to a Summation eDii file are now formatted with the current regional date format.
18 Exports Inclusion of file extensions for all naming schemes is now enabled by default with all formats (image, text, native).
19 Exports Native file paths in Concordance exports now respect the relative/hard/UNC path options (previously only applied to images and text). If a relative path is used, the path of the create-hyperlinks.cpl/cpt will be prepended to the path when the hyperlinks are created.
20 Exports The prompt to overwrite or append an existing Opticon load file will now use the same result that was set for Concordance to prevent prompts in the middle of the export process (when the first image-based record is encountered).
21 Full text Dictionary Both Hit Count and Doc Count are now displayed for each term. UNICODE support for terms was also added.
22 Image Merge Merging images that have been imported and linked in place (rather than copied) no longer modifies the original images on disk. Merging will now create a new image in LAW's default structure. The merge function also now allows the merging of text files associated with linked images (also stored in LAW's default structure).
23 Import Tag List Default range delimiter has been changed from a '-' (hyphen) to a ':' (colon).
24 Licensing Users can now access licenses from more than license key rather than only the 'active' key. Note: Keys must be hosted on the same machine. Previously, only one key could be set as the active key at any given time and accessed for license checkout.
25 OCR Splitting/deskewing of images for the OCR process has been updated to use new image libraries. In addition to increasing stability and eliminating assertion failures, it will now optimize color images for the OCR process, which can increase the OCR speed for color images by 500-600%.
26 Online Help Online help can now be viewed from a network share without requiring a patch for Windows.
27 Query Builder Queries on the ‘DupStatus’ field now return NULL values when the ‘Does Not Equal’ or ‘Does Not Contain’ operator is used. For example, if you execute the query, DupStatus Does Not Equal G, fields with a DupStatus of NULL will now be included in the search. 
28 Query Builder UNICODE values can now be specified as query conditions for standard database fields.
29 Query Builder Added case-wide full text report. This report is accessed the same way as the custodian full text report that was added in build (h). The output file dialog has been modified to select the report type, and the query builder has had the command to invoke the report generator changed from 'Custodian Report' to 'Full Text Report'.
30 Query Builder The combo box selection for list fields now allows typed text or selecting existing entries.
31 Scanning Insert->New Page(s), Insert->Scanned Document, and all Replace options have been disabled for native records that happen to be images.
32 Summarize Images The Summarize Images function has been modified to skip e-docs converted to TIFF to prevent a 'Can't open file' error message that aborts the summary.
33 TIFF Conversion Using color reduction settings for Informatik printer no longer requires manually adjusting the default printer preferences. LAW now automatically matches up the printer output format for the specified reduction setting.
34 TIFF Conversion Support for the ICE TIFFWriter 6.0 driver has been removed. Support for this printer was only temporary for testing purposes. The only benefit to using this driver was for the Optimal Palette output setting, which is now available with the Informatik driver that ships with LAW, and is approximately twice as fast as the TIFFWriter in this mode.
35 User Interface The thumbnail tab on the main form is no longer present. Thumbnails will now be viewed by default as part of the main image control with a splitter interface. The image view can be configured (from the View menu) to display a single page, just thumbnails, or a page/thumbnail combination (default).
36 User Interface The Log Viewer, formerly located in File->Administration, has been moved to the Tools menu in the main interface.
37 User Interface Using the Edit->Insert->E-Documents functions will now automatically refresh the current folder after the import.
Bug Fixes  
# Category Description
1 Administration Editing case properties from the open case dialog causes the database engine value to get cleared.
2 Batch Process Invalid procedure call error occurs when attempting to run the Image Cleanup batch process with no filters selected.
3 ED Loader Fixed improper validation of source names in the ED Loader queue that would previously allow \ and / characters to be present in source names. If the 'Use source names as top level folder' option was set, this would result in invalid paths being loaded into law.
4 ED Loader Fix for errors updating attachment information on records written to LAW if the session was paused, then subsequently un-paused.  In this scenario, the records would have still been written to LAW, but the attachment information would have failed to have been applied.
5 ED Loader Loading file lists produces invalid paths in LAW when items in the file list are mapped to and reside on another drive or reside above the lowest common directory in the file list in the input directory structure. NOTE: When a file list is loaded with the 'Relative Pathing' option set, the ED Loader will attempt to resolve the input paths using the location of the file list. If the location of the file list is not related to the paths in the file list, mirrored output paths may be produced in LAW.
6 ED Loader "Type mismatch Error Code 5013' error occurs processing Lotus Notes mail stores with the GMT option enabled for e-mails without received dates.
7 ED Loader ED Loader sessions may not resume properly if the original source name contains invalid characters.
8 ED Loader Inserting an e-document into an existing attachment range causes the e-document to import as a parent doc with its viewable children belonging to the previous parent.
9 ED Loader Object variable or With block variable not set' error may occur when attempting to import a large number of Outlook mail stores at one time.
10 Embedded Grid The Modify Fields dialog could be opened while the embedded grid was loaded. Added prompt to close the grid prior to launching the field editor.
11 E-Print Placeholders do not print for mail store items set to 'No Source Specified'.
12 E-Print Folder breaks were not printing when specified.
13 E-Print Slip sheets for e-mail attachments used an eDoc template instead of an e-mail attachment template.
14 E-Print Slip sheets for e-mails may contain invalid numbering (i.e. 15 of 10) as part of the folder information.
15 Exports Updated LAW export utility to locate associated extracted text from Z-Print when a Z-Print case was imported with the 'Link to images in place' option is selected, allowing the text to be exported properly.
16 Exports Updated the CaseLogistix format to encode all full text as UTF-8 before writing out to XML. This problem also exists in the iCONECT format and was addressed in the same manner.
17 Exports Added additional checks to prevent issues with folder/filename paths exceeding the Windows limit of 255 characters.
18 Exports DateCreated field also contains time stamps when exporting from the grid or Export Utility, under certain conditions.
19 Exports Exporting images and text for electronic documents to Summation causes a 'Bad file name or number (52)' error to be logged for records without images if the set contains some records with images and some without. These records should not be logged if 'Include Native Files' is not selected, and are now logged as a warning that no image was found.
20 Exports Merging of parents and attachments during PDF export does not use searchable PDF (OCR) if available for images that were TIFFed from electronic documents.
21 Exports 'Overflow' error occurs when the Summation DII's record number exceeded 32,767.
22 Exports ParentID value calculated incorrectly when exporting attachments without their parents.
23 Exports The XML tags for embedded text in the CaseLogistix export are incorrect (closing tag does not match opening).
24 Exports Checking the 'Exts' setting in the file naming scheme can cause the output text filename not to match the image filename in some situations.
25 Exports Concordance Direct (DCB) exports truncate field values if the field in LAW is TEXT (instead of MEMO) and the field value is over 60 characters. Text fields in LAW with a maximum length over 60 characters are now created as paragraph fields in Concordance to prevent truncation.
26 Exports Use of alternate image libraries (specified via ini setting) for splitting images during the export process to eliminate assertion failures does not function correctly. If this setting has been specified, the user is now alerted of success or failure when the export utility is loaded.
27 Exports Attempting to merge parents and attachments into a PDF during an export may cause an "Automation error, Catastrophic failure" error in certain conditions.
28 Exports UNC paths for native file paths in Concordance receive a trailing backslash after filename that prevents them from opening via hyperlink in Concordance.
29 Fulltext Search 'Stop statement encountered' error occurs after executing a full text search and attempting to save the results to a file from the standalone grid display.
30 Fulltext Search Fix for error $0120 occurring when the 'Abort Search After' full text setting is set to a non-zero value and the search returns more documents than the specified value.
31 Grid Display Attempting to view attachments from the grid may cause a row size error and fail to complete building the attachment table.
32 Grid Display Fix for row-length error sometimes occurring when using the 'View->Attachment Fields' function when using a SQL Server database.
33 Grid Display Sort and filter-by functions do not work correctly for 'PageFilename' field.
34 Grid Display Summary function yields inconsistent results if the grid is not fully loaded into memory.
35 Grid Display Summary function yields incorrect page counts for queries where page level records were returned.
36 Grid Display Find operations did not work correctly for empty lookup values.
37 Grid Display Saving the grid results to file causes a 'Subscript out of range' error in some cases.
38 Import Tag List Once all the Target Fields are added in Import Tag List window, the application will close if the Delete button is clicked.
39 Image Manipulation Attempting to rotate an image causes a run-time error if the image is an e-doc that has been imported via the ED Loader and has not been converted to TIFF in LAW. Such images may now be rotated for display purposes in the viewer, but the orientation cannot be saved until the e-doc has been converted to TIFF.
40 Image Manipulation Under certain circumstances, an image will no longer display in the main image viewer after inserting an image into an existing image.
41 Index Display The 'Default Field' points to incorrect index field after specifying the desired field, then opening and closing the field editor.
42 Index Fields List type fields do not append new values entered into the list field unless there is at least one value already in the list. Unable to add new values to the field if the list is empty.
43 Licensing In rare cases, the profile manager fails to detect the internet connection and LAW 5.0 upgrades are not allowed.
44 Licensing In some cases, the LAW 4.0 upgrade process will fail and return an invalid status of UP.
45 Licensing Temporary licenses may not work in some cases if internet access is controlled by a proxy server.
46 Licensing In rare cases, the profile manager fails to detect the internet connection and LAW 5.0 upgrades are not allowed.
47 OCR The OCR server does not recover as expected from certain errors (PRTKClient) resulting in errors for all documents after the point of failure.
48 OCR Scanned/imported single page images may fail to OCR under certain conditions with a 'File Write Error' in version 5.0.31 (g).
49 OCR The OCR server does not recover as expected from certain errors (PRTKClient) resulting in errors for all documents after the point of failure.
50 Query Builder Selecting combo drop-down on lookup fields (Custodian, EDSession, EDFolder, EDSource) causes a 'Type mismatch' run time error in version 5.0.31 (g).
51 Scanning Hot keys for changing scan color settings were not working (CTRL +1 CTRL +2 CTRL +3).
52 Scanning The legal scan page size does not work for the Canon DR-7080C scanner.
53 Scanning Performing a Replace Pages scan operation on a single page document with multiple pages causes an 'Object variable or With block variable not set' error for every page after the first and loses the first page.
54 Show OCR Flags When the thumbnails are not displayed and Page->Show OCR Flags is clicked, LAW jumps to the embedded grid instead of the thumbnails. 
55 TIFF/E-Print TIFF/e-Print settings may not be applied for new cases unless they are first displayed and accepted by the user. In some cases, this behavior will result in an error message that the default printer cannot be set and the TIFF/e-Print processes cannot be started.
56 TIFF Conversion Attempting to TIFF a color document with the Informatik printer set to 24-bit color may fail with a 'Subscript out of range' error.
57 TIFF Conversion Printing blank placeholders for e-docs is not possible if 'Drop blank pages' is enabled, no pages will be saved.
58 TIFF Conversion Printing with Excel 2000 causes a crash in the print server.
59 TIFF Conversion In some cases, Excel documents printed in 24-bit color may not capture all pages during manual prints.
60 User Interface Deleting pages from an image in an Access case may fail with a 'Key column information is insufficient or incorrect. Too many rows were affected by update.' error message.
61 User Interface In rare cases, a long sequence of error messages pertaining to grid updates may occur when closing LAW.
62 User Interface Replace pages function causes 'Item cannot be found in the collection corresponding to the requested name or ordinal' error if the case was created in an older version of LAW 4.0 and does not contain a PageFilename field.
Version 5.0.31   (Release Date: April 3, 2007)
# Category Description
1 ED Loader Added special handling for e-mails that contain an HTML body, but no corresponding plain text body, which resulted in extracted text without a body.
2 ED Loader Compound document extraction (embedded file support) now uses native extraction by default.
3 ED Loader Empty folders are no longer created in LAW during imports.
4 ED Loader Improved e-mail address capture for FROM,CC, and BCC fields. Previously the CC/BCC fields may have only contained names without bracketed e-mail addresses.
5 ED Loader Rules for extracting and loading text for 'File Filters' and 'Duplicates' have changed. The new rule dictates that if a record is generated in law, then normal text extraction rules apply, and text will be extracted and loaded even if the native file is not copied. This is applicable to the 'Include' and 'Partially Exclude' actions associated with 'File Filters' and 'Deduplication'.
6 Exports Documents in excess of 3600 pages may fail to export if using a single page export format with a naming scheme that does not preserve file extensions (i.e. 'abc00001.001').
7 Exports Native and exported text file naming now checks to ensure an existing file is never overwritten. This is necessary to prevent output filename conflicts that could be created by the user during the export, and in the event that the extracted text file name is the same as the native file name. If a file name conflict is detected, the latter file to be written will be named with a copy sequence (i.e. "abc001.txt", "abc001 (Copy 2).txt", etc.)
8 Exports Summation export will now remove soft returns from the Subject and Headers fields (E-Mail), and any other user-defined fields to prevent problems loading the DII file.
9 Grid Display Removed grid position check when loading, as this prohibits setting grid position on dual-monitor systems to a monitor left of the default monitor. If the grid is placed off of the screen due to the removal of a monitor from the display, the window must be repositioned from the taskbar to bring it back into view.
10 TIFF Conversion Output image resolution for images printed with Excel will now match the specified printer resolution.
11 TIFF Conversion Save speeds for single page TIFF conversions have been dramatically improved for large documents (500+ pages).
12 TIFF Conversion Single document TIFF capture is now available with the TIFF, QC/Edit, or Scan (Unlimited only) licenses.
13 User Interface Document per folder limit of 32,767 has been removed. **NOTE: This does not indicate an endorsement of putting that many documents in a single folder. Extremely long waits opening folders may occur when placing that many documents in a single folder.
14 User Interface The DocID/DocExt columns in main document list are no longer visible if the case does not contain these fields.
Bug Fixes  
# Category Description
1 ED Loader Categories field was not being populated for E-Docs (now mapped from Category field).
2 ED Loader Embedded e-mail (Outlook only) attachments sometimes lose UNICODE metadata when extracted from their parent and saved in their native format (*.msg).
3 ED Loader Embedded file extraction may fail in certain rare instances (missing CompObj stream) and fail to log a warning.
4 ED Loader Fix for EOF error that occurs in rare cases during processing of Lotus mail stores (*.nsf).
5 ED Loader Office 2007 documents were being processed as archives, producing unnecessary output. **NOTE: Native compound document processing (embedded file extraction) does not currently support the Office 2007 format.
6 ED Loader Office documents with missing or invalid 'Last Saved Date' fields may use the creation time of the file itself for the last modification time instead of the last modification time from the file system itself.
7 ED Loader Outlook mail stores (*.pst) names or source names containing leading or trailing spaces generate invalid path entries in LAW.
8 ED Loader Overflow error occurs on folders containing more than 32,767 items. In order to account for folders with this many items, the case must be created with LAW 5.0.31 or higher (or the DocOrder field in tblDoc must be manually updated and changed to a long integer for older cases).
9 ED Loader Revision field was not being populated.
10 ED Loader Some Excel sheets have their workbooks hidden when extracted from another document. This applies to e-docs with embedded files only. It does not apply to e-mail attachments. **NOTE: This may still occur on Excel files with certain types of protection and is still being investigated.
11 ED Loader UNICODE data in recipient fields (To;CC;BCC) is lost on e-mail imports.
12 ED Loader ZIP file extraction may fail on files with extremely long filenames
13 Exports Assertion failures that occur during exports when splitting to single-page images should be greatly reduced, if not entirely corrected. If they do still occur in any situation, there is now an alternate image engine available (enabled via ini setting) that can be used to perform the image manipulation during the export process.
14 Exports Embedding text directly in fields in Concordance exports (DAT or DCB) can cause LAW to hang under certain conditions if the size of the text exceeds the maximum size of a field in Concordance.
15 Exports Numeric values are used instead of the corresponding text value for lookup fields (Custodian, EDSession, EDSource, EDFolder) if used in a custom folder output scheme.
16 Exports Merge annotation functionality does not work with E-Docs converted to TIFF in LAW.
17 Exports The export process may fail to begin for native exports if the selected documents contained unnumbered images, and images are not included due to unnecessary field validation that may not be apparent to the user.
18 Exports Various other export fixes have been incorporated into this release.
19 Grid Display Error occurs executing 'Filter by' on empty lookup fields (Custodian,EDFolder,EDSession,EDSource).
20 Grid Display Image synchronization does not work on a result set with one record.
21 Grid Display When saving the results of the grid to file, lookup fields (Custodian, EDSource, EDSession, EDFolder) get saved as their numeric values and not their actual lookup values (text), as displayed in the grid.
22 Licensing Licensing did not work if using Windows with regional settings/default language set to Japanese.
23 Licensing User may receive an error when starting LAW that the 'CD Publishing' license has expired even if this license is not present on the key.
24 OCR Batch OCR may cause transaction limit exceeded errors in SQL cases under certain conditions.
25 Scanning Scanning a document, and then immediately rotating and saving pages may cause pages to be deleted if the document is not re-opened first. Similarly, attempting to enhance pages (deskew, etc.) immediately after a scan may fail until the document is re-opened.
26 Text Indexing Index process may fail and exit early if a record is flagged for indexing that does not contain a text file.
27 Text Indexing Index process may fail and exit early if a record update fails due to network connectivity issues or the server (SQL) is too busy to complete the update.
28 TIFF Conversion Converting a 10,000+ page text file to a multi-page TIFF causes the first 9,999 pages to get lost. The number of pages actually captured depends on how many total pages are printed. The job is broken into chunks for text files of that size and only the last portion is captured and saved. LAW will now break the job (text files only printed with the Text/RTF printer) into multiple parts with a default "chunk" size of 2,500 pages, and save all parts correctly.
29 TIFF Conversion Reconverting large documents to TIFF may fail while updating the database information in SQL cases with general network errors due to network connectivity issues.
30 TIFF Conversion Timeouts may occur converting extremely large text files (3000+ pages) to TIFF and in some cases, LAW will be prematurely restarted.
31 User Interface Changing the visibility of the SourceApp field causes it to become locked.
Version 5.0.30   (Release Date: Feb 26, 2007)
New Features  
# Category Description
1 Exports Introspect now supports the version 5.0 format. To produce a 5.0 version load file, open the Introspect configuration settings and check the 'Use IDX version 5 format' option.
2 Exports New default field, RecordType, has been added for ED enabled cases. This field will identify the type of record being exported.
# Category Description
1 Administration Deleting records is now optimized for both image-only and ED-enabled cases.
2 ED Loader Modified file extraction behavior to recognize if a file was removed by another process (in most cases, resident anti-virus software). If a file is otherwise successfully extracted, but is not present then a "[Native File Copy] E: (copy failure) (Virus Warning) The file appears to have been removed by another process" message will be logged. The previous implementation logged anywhere from 4 to 6 separate warnings when a file that otherwise successfully extracted, was removed from the system.
3 Exports The direct Concordance export has been modified to always use DDE for populating data, which should improve stability on large paragraph (i.e. OCR/extracted text) fields. Support for embedded text over the field size limit (~8MB in Concordance 7.0 and ~12MB in 8.0) has also been added. Text over the field size limit will be broken up into sequential fields.
4 TIFF Conversion TIFF speeds should be greatly improved for record sets with mostly 1-2 page documents. Print speeds in some cases will be twice as fast or more.
5 TIFF/E-Print Auto-restarts that may occur during TIFF conversion or E-Print batch processes will no longer fail to restart if no concurrent user licenses are available. LAW will now wait and continue to retry until a license becomes available. This should only take 1 minute at the maximum, unless another user happens to claim that license during this interval, in which case it will continue to wait indefinitely for the next available license.
Bug Fixes  
# Category Description
1 Attachments Performing a merge documents function clears the attachment status of all documents in the current folder.
2 Auto-Number Attempting to auto-number a page-level field while a native record (E-Doc without an image) is active causes a prompt that the page range is invalid, followed by an "Invalid procedure call" run-time error that crashes LAW.
3 Batch Process If a batch process takes over a minute in some cases (i.e. Saving OCR output or endorsing an extremely large image), LAW may prematurely restart itself.
4 Deduplication Fix for attachments of duplicates not having their DupStatus field updated to match the parent.
5 Deduplication Fix for duplicate parents not having their DupStatus set to 'P', they were being updated with the DupStatus of the duplicate child record.
6 ED Loader DateRcvd and TimeRcvd fields for e-mails attached to other e-mails (*.msg) were not being populated.
7 ED Loader The 'Auto assign suspect extensions' setting was not working correctly. Original extensions were not being captured if a suspect was encountered, and the SuspectExt field was not being set.
8 Exports Exporting to IPRO with OCR word information included may result in a "Type mismatch" error causing the export process to terminate immediately if the OCR information contains invalid coordinates.
9 Exports In some cases, the root folder of the export path is omitted from the image path.
10 Exports Summation export uses the wrong OCR tag (@FULLTEXT DOC instead of PAGE) for single page OCR exports.
11 Grid Display External grid may not be visible if the previous position was off of the current screen (i.e. Switching from dual-monitor layout back to single).
12 Grid Display Filters are not cleared before a new query is executed. This can cause unexpected results when adding new filters to the new query results.
13 Grid Display Filters do not work correctly for the 'Created' field.
14 Grid Display If all records in the grid view are deleted, and the current profile is saved, all fields will be hidden in the profile.
15 Licensing LAW may fail to start if an invalid date has been stamped on the key and it fails to establish an internet connection to verify the current date.
16 Licensing Undocked keys do not function properly.