Brad Marten


Brad Marten might have become a rock and roll drumming legend had he not also been reading the newspaper in high school. Half a dozen federal environmental laws were passed while Led Zeppelin rocked on, and, while he admits he may have taken the wrong road to stardom, percussion became a backbeat to Mr. Marten's passion for the environment.

Now Managing Partner of Marten Law Group, the largest environmental law firm in the Pacific Northwest, Mr. Marten embraces the philosophy that "life changes, the world changes… and we just have to deal with it and adjust." Specifically, it's climate change that the world must deal with at this time, and he and those in his firm do exactly that. Marten Law Group has gained a national reputation through a widely-read weekly newsletter, and a growing list of clients in the electric utility, manufacturing, forestry and alternative energy sectors. With work that has taken him many places (landing in a helicopter on an Alaskan glacier, for instance, soon after the Exxon Valdez oil spill), he speaks from personal experience in saying that "there's never been a more exciting time" to be an environmental lawyer.

Climate change laws presently being debated in Congress will force different thinking for both business and government, and the possibility for positive change in how we work and live. And it's all about positive change for Mr. Marten. His prediction for environment law is that "the next ten years will be the best ever." Rock on, Mr. Marten, for continuing to do such admirable work in your field, and also for beating an optimistic groove to which we all can dance.

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