Guy Jacobson


"Expose it. Fight it. End it." This is the impassioned plea of the Redlight Children Campaign, a human rights organization that is dedicated to helping end the global sexual exploitation of children and human trafficking.

Guy Jacobson, the founder of Redlight Children Campaign, is also the president of Priority Films, a high-profile independent film production and distribution company. Priority Films' most recent project, 'Redlight,' four and a half years in the making and now in post-production, is a touching full feature documentary film that tells the story of Somaly Mam and the stories of some of the sexually exploited children.

Guy is the writer and producer of the highly acclaimed drama 'Holly,' about an American in Cambodia who tries to save a young girl from child traffickers. He hopes that his films and human rights organization help educate people about the estimated 2 million children, most of whom are girls, who yearly are sexually exploited throughout the world.

Guy first wants to dispel the common confusion about the term "human trafficking." Child exploitation does not necessarily mean that a child is a victim of trafficking. Trafficking is about slavery and what's cruelly forced on the victims rather than about the victims being physically relocated.

Guy is committed to the Rule of Law, the principle that governmental authority is legitimately exercised only in accordance with written, publicly disclosed laws adopted and enforced in accordance with established procedural steps that are referred to as due process. Just because a specific government has laws doesn't mean there is effective enforcement of those laws for everyone. There needs to be a clear model that's uniformly practiced: Here's what has to be done and no one should be immune from prosecution.

Due to the company's passion about and belief in the Rule of Law, LexisNexis has been actively supporting 'Priority Films,' 'Holly' and 'Redlight', as well as the Redlight Children Campaign itself,. LexisNexis also sponsors the Somaly Mam Foundation and Agir Pour les Femmes en Situation Précaire (AFESIP).

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