Rufus von Thulen Rhoades


Rufus von Thülen Rhoades received his worst law school grade in tax, but gave it little thought. He was going to be a litigator, but after becoming a litigator he didn't like it, so Mr. Rhoades gave tax more than a little thought. And while his tax career accomplishments are many, it's the enthusiasm Mr. Rhoades has for his well-lived personal life that wins the trick.

From his childhood reading about the Lockheed P-38, Mr. Rhoades knew he wanted to fly. He realized that dream, taking lessons and becoming licensed to pilot a Columbia 350. He also soared with his trumpet, and at age 16 became the youngest member of The Musicians Union Local 6 and played with the San Francisco Symphony. Another form of playing he likes is cards, specifically bridge. As a Bronze Life Master, he loves the game because "It's the only competition where a world-class player will try to beat your brains out." Away from the bridge table, Mr. Rhoades travels, most recently to Siena where he toured wineries and went to cooking school, feeding (no pun intended) another of his passions.

Mr. Rhoades remains engaged in a professional life that is also a passion. In 1969, he signed a contract with Matthew Bender, updating quarterly the U.S. International Taxation and Tax Treaties, and is enthusiastic about this job that's "still fun and allows creative expression." Yet, if there is one thing that can trump his achievements, personal and professional, it is his statement that he is in "staggeringly good health." Well played, Mr. Rhoades. Well played.

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